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  1. It might take years just to get back to 2019 prices. I suspect there will be people here who regret not buying.
  2. What is the best solution to the problem you describe? What if no political parties changes their approach in our lifetimes?
  3. These are not new. Agree or disagree? The housing crisis that Britain faces – which is bearing down most heavily on younger cohorts but affects all of us – is so acute that no single solution will be enough. Action on three fronts is required. In the short term, with the private rented sector now a tenure in which millions of children are raised and in which more people will spend retirements in future, it is essential to address its poor record for security. We recommend that indeterminate tenancies should be the sole form of private rental contract, with light-touch rent stabilisation limiting rent increases to inflation for three-year periods and disputes settled by a new housing tribunal. In the medium term, we need to rebalance demand so young first-time buyers are in a better position compared to those buying second or subsequent homes. We recommend replacing council tax with a progressive property tax with surcharges on second and empty properties; halving stamp duty rates to encourage moving; and a time-limited capital gains tax cut to incentivise owners of additional properties to sell to first-time buyers. In the long term we need to build more homes, year in, year out, in areas of strong housing demand, while increasing the number of affordable homes, to reduce housing costs. We recommend piloting community land auctions so local authorities can ensure more land is brought forward for house building, underpinned by stronger compulsory purchase powers; and a £1.7 billion building precept allowing local authorities to raise funds for house building in their area. https://www.resolutionfoundation.org/advanced/a-new-generational-contract/
  4. It's light hearted fun. To be fair, the whole website is found upon that behaviour. I have been haranged on here for buying a house, not expecting a HPC and not joining the 'HPC cult'. Others outside of this website also say "But seriously, don't you lot ever get tired of yammering about house price twaddle?"
  5. The original poster is neglecting three points about "opportunity cost". 1. The size of the opportunity cost for buying a house is dependent on a wide range of personal variables. 2. The OP does not factor in the non-financial benefits of home ownership. 3. He accuses others of being estate agents but he is the one encouraging people to divert their hard earned money to BTL leeches. Long term renters are what landlords dream about.
  6. Why do you spend so much time justifying your decision. You have nothing to prove and don't need anyone else's approval. At the end of the day, everyone (including you) hype things until you cash out on your personal moon. Pretending it's anything more than that is pointless.
  7. There are too many egos in here. I hope it doesn't become like mumsnet. Why can't we all be like @longgone 😄
  8. Nothing is ever 100% safe. It's all always a balancing act in order to make the best decision. Air pollution causes cancer as does meat, sunlight etc.
  9. Your post reminds me of my favourite EU-themed poster on here - Spyguy. Something in the lines of "80% of people from the EU are on benefits"
  10. Yes. Instead of focusing on a house price crash, now there will be people hopeful of prices getting back to 2019-2020 levels.
  11. That's why many people have some alt-coins in their side pot. Nobody knows where any of them will be in 5-10 years.
  12. Hopefully. I'm surprised young people aren't more vocal about it.
  13. The same people in denial when HTB came out are in denial about the likely effects of the new scheme. It's an unfortunate outcome but government intervention to prop the market is in plain sight.
  14. If wonder if there is any new information about the number of EU migrants who have left since the first lockdown?
  15. Average house price hits new record high as market picks up momentum in March. “A year on from the early days of the first national lockdown, March’s data shows that house prices rose by 6.5% annually, or £15,430 in cash terms. Casting our minds back 12 months, few could have predicted quite how well the housing market would ride out the impact of the pandemic so far, let alone post growth of more than £1,000 per month on average. Even Halifax are surprised!
  16. The VIs are the people on here funneling their rent to BTL landlords and suggesting others do the same for years on end!
  17. Look at the proportion of FTBs that have BOMAD. I think it will be much higher than you imagine. There are plenty of boomers gifting deposits.
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