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  1. On 09/07/2021 at 06:57, hotblack42 said:

    "A recent Financial Conduct Authority-commissioned report found that women, the under-40s, and people from a black, Asian and minority ethnic background are driving this DIY movement, investing in high-risk products such as cryptocurrencies..These new investors, the report found, used social media for tips, were overconfident, invested for short-term thrills rather than long-term gain, and often did not understand the hazards”.


    I suspect you are only thinking about a short time scale. You need to keep in mind that the under 40s are the future and they will shape world.

    A proportion have dipped their toes into crypto, many for the first time in 2020/21. This has opened a can of worms, the current paradigm regarding risk tolerace and investment has started to change already. 

    To give context, I am under 30 and everything I have in my crypto pot is set aside for my pension pot at 65-68!

  2. 2 minutes ago, Buffer Bear said:


    Ps remember you 'threatened' to block me.  I won't be blocking you as I find your comments highly amusing.  Keep them coming although I may not allow myself to be distracted by responding. 👍🏼

    Your mindset towards bitcoin is a bit like mine. Bitcoin is only part of a bigger portfolio. This includes family, friends, a career and a healthy attitude towards life.

    The irony of jiltijen is some of his comments remind me of what boomers tell me about house prices. E.g "you don't know how hard I had it when houses were 30k in 197x". Buying bitcoin for small change and selling at 100k doesn't need to go alongside 'wanting others to feel what I went through'. 

    At the end of it all, we are just strangers on a bitcoin thread :)

  3. 15 hours ago, steve99 said:

    Reminds me of when I was in the land of Oz. The bogan class (chav working class that choose to be ignorant) are as racist as any redneck or Farrage devotee in the UK but when their Aussie wife's divorce them they run off to Thailand for a new one, then back home they crack open their tinnies of beer and pontificate about foreigners and Muslims and so on, then 10 years later their Thai wife's divorce them so they run off to the Philippines for another one and so it goes.  The irony of their racism is completly lost to them. 

    I would have been interested in meeting such people.

  4. 39 minutes ago, Huggy said:

    What's the difference between fiat cash and cryptocurrency?

    One is used criminals on the black market, is easy to scam people out of, and is backed by nothing. The other is....


    Ironically, I blame the teachers for getting people into this mess. Far too little critical thinking these days 😉

    She needs compensation!! She deserves her money back plus added interest for every day she's missing out on gains 🤨

    Huggy, you've got enough coins. Don't be greedy, you can donate some Sats to compensate her loss 😉

  5. Just now, spyguy said:

    If ukgov wanted to prop up housing theyd scrap MMR.

    All props bar HTBv2 have had limited to zilch effect.

    HTBv2 will turn into one of the biggest destroyers of housing equity and reduce future buyers.

    Agree. I wouldn't put it past the government to scrap MMR. I suspect they are waiting to see the effects of the stamp duty relief first. Propping is their intention.

  6. 18 minutes ago, Si1 said:

    You mean like flats with cladding? And leasehold? And Northern Rock mortgage prisoners? 

    I believe they form a minority of home owners. I suspect many more have benefited or perceive themselves to have benefited from low interest rates, help to buy, BTL, artificially low supply, restricted planning permission etc. 

    I don't think it's a coincidence that a desire to have lower house prices doesn't feature in elections or formal protest movements.

  7. 44 minutes ago, shlomo said:


    A victim of online scammers, who was conned into giving away her savings, has warned others not to make the same mistake.

    Julie Bushnell said she felt ashamed and embarrassed after falling for a Bitcoin fraud that cost her £9,000.

    It used the name of entrepreneur Elon Musk and a story on a fake BBC website suggesting she could double her money in a giveaway of the cryptocurrency.

    The Brighton teacher said: "I think about it every minute of every day."

    Ms Bushnell, an investor in cryptocurrency, spotted an item on a website that appeared to use BBC News branding, claiming Mr Musk, the billionaire boss of the Tesla car firm, would pay back double the sum of any Bitcoin deposit.

    She paid £9,000, which she had saved for a deposit on a new home. When no reciprocal payment arrived it dawned on her that she had become the victim of a scam.

    She said: "It has affected me massively. I wish I could have that time back - go in a time machine and not make those couple of clicks.



    Which one of you is this @longgone @copper crutch@Markh @IAmANumbSkullAnarchist

    Haha, longgone. I suspect the mainstream media will use this kind of story to portray crypto in a negative light.

  8. On 14/05/2021 at 13:18, Twenty Something said:

    Not really a turning though is it as plenty of posters saying just get on with it and why do you need to think too long. For what it’s worth I’m sure you can find a thread and some replies there from people saying it’s all crap, but in terms of the whole board being overrun with pessimism it’s not..

    The mumsnetters probably figured out that the government will throw everything under the bus to keep house prices. I suspect that realisation has only hit this website during the covid-19 pandemic.

  9. 17 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    THat makes s**t all sense.  IRs are 0, WTF do these people think is going to happen with the £ starts to collapse.

    "House" and "safe" appear to be engraved in the British psyche. Remember the "BTL is my pension" brigade.

  10. 2 hours ago, stuckmojo said:

    Stamp duty saving *3 in price increase because people are thick as shit>? 

    I guess it's people storing money to protect from upcoming inflation or borrowing as much as the bank allows. They know the game is rigged and the government will protect property. Nobody would have ever expected schemes like furlough or bounce back loans.

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