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  1. Surely anyone buying leasehold set themselves for this kind of trap? I would rather rent than buy a leasehold.
  2. This. The concept of risk and personal responsibility has been skewed. Bailouts are the new normal.
  3. I think most new investors struggle at the start with the slow pace of stock growth. It can take at least 5 years to get the most out of shares.
  4. Good article. I agree. The stock market is one the few areas where an average person can share some of gains from the rigged financial system.
  5. It sounds like you will do well out of the coming recession. How was your experience of 2008/9 and are you approaching it in a similar way?
  6. Agreed. How are things in Barcelona/ Venice?
  7. We are still at the early stages of finding out about the long term complications. The outlook from the early studies so far is worse than expected.
  8. I suspect more people have realised that the stock market is rigged and heavily propped up. The small investors having little to lose relative to fiat currency. Low interest rates are leading people to seek better returns. I don't believe the idea that institutional investors are any good either. Do the majority even perform better an index tracker?
  9. Sadly renters tend to bear more of the brunt during major crises. They are at the mercy of the leveraged landlord with relatively short notice periods. Rent is generally more expensive than a mortgage on the same property too.
  10. Never underestimate how far the conservatives can go. Who would have ever expected them to borrow as much as they have for the bounce back loans and furlough? I hope you are right but I suspect they still have many tools up their sleeve. Intergenerational mortgages, negative interest rates, government gifting part of the deposit, debt forgiveness etc. Here is a quote from Sunak: As part of that, I’m announcing today a new, £2bn Green Homes Grant. The grants will cover at least two thirds of the cost, up to £5,000 per household.And for low income households, we’ll go even further with vouchers covering the full cost - up to £10,000. Taken together, we expect these measures to make over 650,000 homes more energy efficient, save households up to £300 a year on their bills... Mr Speaker, one of the most important sectors for job creation is housing. The construction sector adds £39bn a year to the UK economy; house building alone supports nearly three quarter of a million jobs; with millions more relying on the availability of housing to find work. But property transactions fell by 50% in May. House prices have fallen for the first time in eight years. And uncertainty abounds in the market – a market we need to be thriving. We need people feeling confident - confident to buy, sell, renovate, move and improve. That will drive growth. That will create jobs.
  11. It's one of the reasons I ended up buying. If you are on the side of the vested interest, they throw everything to keep prices high.
  12. This is the Tories trying to find ways to stop wealthy homeowners having to sell up for care. The system is rigged.
  13. 'Gentrified' used to be a classic sales pitch from vested interests like the evening standard and estate agents. The locations used to describe those places (especially in London) offered very poor value. Common issues were related to local schools, the neighbourhood, crime, childcare costs, lack of space/gardens etc. I think covid will speed up a general exodus away from London.
  14. Yes. Why do journalists get away with these kind of articles. It doesn't take much to ask a few important questions about their situation.
  15. Wow, crazy. I bet there will be sob stories on the sun. People will claim they were missold HTB and try to blame banks/government/ developers etc.
  16. Reuters - Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey has written a letter to lenders warning them of the challenges of negative interest rates, the Sunday Times newspaper reported. The letter said that negative rates were "one of the potential tools under active review" if the monetary policy committee decided that "more stimulus" was needed to hit the BoE's 2% inflation target, the newspaper reported. The report said Bailey held a meeting with heads of banks at the end of June and that negative rates were discussed in that meeting in which the governor said "every tool they have is on the table".
  17. Agreed. The most common debates are: - Brexit - "you must buy gold" types - immediate crash vs housing will never crash - conspiracy theorists - Label any contrasting view as "socialist".
  18. Chasing the market down will be perfect for bringing reality and reflecting on sentiment.
  19. The hospital I work in is a relatively small one in the East Midlands. Conversations were had about covid in that time but critical items such as testing and adequate PPE were barely existent. I know areas such as London were much further ahead in their covid plans. The stretch on resources is often imbalanced. A&E struggles in normal times, the figures have reflected part of this trend for a while now. On the other hand, ICU are almost always fine. Yes, you are right. It is slowly heading towards dismantling. Healthcare will become even more rationed and there will be a lot of changes ahead. Yes, the US will play a big part.
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