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  1. This doesn't even make sense. There are millions of people employed in the public sector. How would you be able to lump them all into a single group. Who are these supposedly lucky ones who only have a "2-3hour workload"?
  2. There is no way Labour have any chance of winning the next election.
  3. I'm still surprised central banks still have such tunnel vision. Surely there must be people in those institutions that can see through this?
  4. So it's more about picking and choosing who/ what to steal for? (Just curious to understand)
  5. Ok. But they are still 'stealing' money from those individuals to get the cost back. If stealing is the issue there shouldn't be any tax at all.
  6. Yes. A lot of doomsday/ conspiracy theory nihilists with minimal discussion about house prices or economic debates. I think house price inflation has left a lasting bitterness in some people. Others have bought a reasonable house in the past 5 years and have just moved on with their lives.
  7. The "temporary measures" are unlikely to remain that way. Low interest rates used to be described in the same way. Props are addictive.
  8. Any kind of major civil unrest or seeing people who voted for the conservatives changing their mind is extremely unlikely. The British public tend to accept pretty much anything. The lack of change in the country over the past 10 years regarding house prices is a good example.
  9. Labour will never get in power with someone like Starmer. This will be one of the many mistakes he's likely to continue making.
  10. The original post summarised the situation very well. I think the bigger picture is that Britain has always been a class ridden society with a small group of landlords/ landowners and a mass group of renters below them. The group in between them have been squeezed out.
  11. These type of click bait articles lack any background detail. It's an advertisement for the lady more than anything else. Poorly written article.
  12. It sounds like the new approach to try and squeeze every inch of HPI they can get. I.e subdivision of existing housing and shared ownership. It's mad how long they can keep up the HPI game.
  13. According to the L&G study, 19% of all home purchases in 2019 were funded partly or wholly by friends and family. In 2020 that figure will rise to 23%, it said. The data also showed that nearly a quarter (24%) of homebuyers said they were now more reliant on financial support from the bank of mum and dad following the pandemic. ...However, the bank of mum and dad is also facing its own challenges, with claims from mortgage commentators that it is being penalised by some lenders. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/money/2020/sep/01/more-uk-homebuyers-turn-to-bank-of-mum-and-dad-as-covid-crisis-bites
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