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  1. My view is the Conservative guarantee HPI and Labour might continue HPI.
  2. I bet it will reach 50%+ over the next decade. In reality, anyone who votes or has voted for the Conservatives has contributed to a secure house price inflation policy.
  3. Depends where in the country they buy and what expectations they have. 25year mortgage with 10-20% deposit is still feasible in part is the Midlands, up North, Scotland etc.
  4. It's going off-topic. If you want to know what these businesses would have done with the cash, there are enough resources online to read up on it.
  5. ...two effects have driven that change: first, the direct effects it has had on saving and borrowing behaviour; and second, the indirect effects on the value of household balance sheets through asset price changes. In aggregate, households have increased nominal savings by around £125billion more than would have been expected absent the pandemic and at the same time, non-credit card consumer debt has fallen by around £10 billion. https://www.resolutionfoundation.org/publications/wealth-gap-year/
  6. It's a crazy situation and I hate what's happened but you can't beat the system. The government/ elite will throw everything under the bus to keep house prices/ asset prices high. For them house prices = the economy.
  7. People have to accept and admit that the predictions made on this website are wrong. TCON, killer bunny, spyguy, Si1 etc
  8. Agree. I think it's the perception buyers seem to have. They seem to focus a lot on the monthly payments rather than house prices.
  9. I suspect you are only thinking about a short time scale. You need to keep in mind that the under 40s are the future and they will shape world. A proportion have dipped their toes into crypto, many for the first time in 2020/21. This has opened a can of worms, the current paradigm regarding risk tolerace and investment has started to change already. To give context, I am under 30 and everything I have in my crypto pot is set aside for my pension pot at 65-68!
  10. Oh no. How will we keep the conspiracy theorists busy once things re-open in July? I remember all the people thinking the world will end once people get vaccinated.
  11. They are willing to use any levers in their power to drive ££ to their mates and save house prices from any falls.
  12. I have been saying this for a while now. There is no way a HPC is going to happen under a conservative government.
  13. Your mindset towards bitcoin is a bit like mine. Bitcoin is only part of a bigger portfolio. This includes family, friends, a career and a healthy attitude towards life. The irony of jiltijen is some of his comments remind me of what boomers tell me about house prices. E.g "you don't know how hard I had it when houses were 30k in 197x". Buying bitcoin for small change and selling at 100k doesn't need to go alongside 'wanting others to feel what I went through'. At the end of it all, we are just strangers on a bitcoin thread
  14. I'm not an EA. Just providing a balanced view. Sadly, the house price crash we have been waiting for since 2009 hasn't happened.
  15. I've come across older people taking and passing their children's inheritance early via housing gains.
  16. She needs compensation!! She deserves her money back plus added interest for every day she's missing out on gains 🤨 Huggy, you've got enough coins. Don't be greedy, you can donate some Sats to compensate her loss 😉.
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