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  1. They are willing to use any levers in their power to drive ££ to their mates and save house prices from any falls.
  2. I have been saying this for a while now. There is no way a HPC is going to happen under a conservative government.
  3. Your mindset towards bitcoin is a bit like mine. Bitcoin is only part of a bigger portfolio. This includes family, friends, a career and a healthy attitude towards life. The irony of jiltijen is some of his comments remind me of what boomers tell me about house prices. E.g "you don't know how hard I had it when houses were 30k in 197x". Buying bitcoin for small change and selling at 100k doesn't need to go alongside 'wanting others to feel what I went through'. At the end of it all, we are just strangers on a bitcoin thread
  4. I'm not an EA. Just providing a balanced view. Sadly, the house price crash we have been waiting for since 2009 hasn't happened.
  5. I've come across older people taking and passing their children's inheritance early via housing gains.
  6. She needs compensation!! She deserves her money back plus added interest for every day she's missing out on gains 🤨 Huggy, you've got enough coins. Don't be greedy, you can donate some Sats to compensate her loss 😉.
  7. What about all the boomer homeowners. Surely they have benefited a lot?
  8. Agree. I wouldn't put it past the government to scrap MMR. I suspect they are waiting to see the effects of the stamp duty relief first. Propping is their intention.
  9. I believe they form a minority of home owners. I suspect many more have benefited or perceive themselves to have benefited from low interest rates, help to buy, BTL, artificially low supply, restricted planning permission etc. I don't think it's a coincidence that a desire to have lower house prices doesn't feature in elections or formal protest movements.
  10. Haha, longgone. I suspect the mainstream media will use this kind of story to portray crypto in a negative light.
  11. The mumsnetters probably figured out that the government will throw everything under the bus to keep house prices. I suspect that realisation has only hit this website during the covid-19 pandemic.
  12. There's even a gentleman who has previously claimed to have an EU wife 🤔
  13. "House" and "safe" appear to be engraved in the British psyche. Remember the "BTL is my pension" brigade.
  14. Yes, collapse has to happen eventually.
  15. I guess it's people storing money to protect from upcoming inflation or borrowing as much as the bank allows. They know the game is rigged and the government will protect property. Nobody would have ever expected schemes like furlough or bounce back loans.
  16. “House prices in April eclipsed the record high set the month before as the market continued to maintain its recent momentum. The average property is now worth £258,204, up 1.4% month on month and 8.2% annually, the highest annual growth rate in 5 years. In cash terms, almost £20,000 has been added to the value of the average home since the market had essentially come to a standstill in April 2020".
  17. I heard similar things prior to the implementation of smart motorways. Where will the funding for the technological change come from?
  18. If anything, the demand for these areas have grown significantly since covid.
  19. I think you are under estimating the proportion of the population which live in very rural areas.
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