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  1. Yes, it's still a frenzy. We put our house on the market and sold in one day.
  2. Noticed a similar thing on my radar but not in the same price range. The very nice places are being snapped up on the same day. The significantly overpriced ones stick around.
  3. Have you seen the rates Santander now offers... rates are going up quickly.
  4. An increasing proportion of mortgages, particularly for first time buyers are now 35years and above.
  5. I'm turning 30 this year. I bought in 2019 in a rural area. Most of the people I know are likely to buy eventually but much later on life (late 30s/40s).
  6. https://discoveruni.gov.uk/course-details/10006840/K0287/Full-time/ "What graduates are doing 15 months after the course" and "earnings". General guide.
  7. According to the link the difference between a 2year and 5year fix isn't much.
  8. Ok, sorry if it came across that way. Obviously we all want a house price crash but there is an argument to say we might need to adjust our expectations to meet the reality we are in with house prices where they are today.
  9. Subjective. What proportion could buy but are seeking value and how many are actually priced out? It reminds me of the poll we once had here - so many had bought already.
  10. Ok. How do the figures stack up in your own circumstances? Did you buy/ rent?
  11. You quoted me originally and didn't keep on topic. Don't waste our time by quoting me in future.
  12. Ok. You will have a good time as a homeowner. Thank me later.
  13. How did you navigate the social aspect of school?
  14. Burying your head in the sand does not change reality. For the majority of people, the would rather not rent long-term or live with parent(s).
  15. Has there been any time where the value of a house hasn't increased in a 20year timescale?
  16. Thanks. Yes. The politician-manager approach will try and steady the sinking ship. I think lack of radical solutions/ parties on offer is a sign that nothing will change anytime soon. I wonder what level of economic decay it would take for 'the middle class' to start noticing the impact.
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