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  1. The housing benefit system needs a massive overhaul with a very low cap. An influx of non-working people in some parts of the country has caused more problems than anyone ever imagined. The places went from being close knit (mainly employed) working-class areas to crime ridden ghettos in a short space of time.
  2. I agree with your sentiment but it's not as simple as it looks. Where should they send the unemployed people? Simply moving the problem doesn't get rid of it. In some countries, slums are created to solve this problem.
  3. I had a look at the interest rate available on savings accounts (of a country in the EU). The rates ranged from 0.02- 0.2%. I suspect we are heading that way.
  4. I find that hard to believe. They have promoted that message for a while now but never act upon it.
  5. I suspect the BOMAD will be a major factor in determining the next generation's wealth. A gap will open up between a smaller group of people who have bought by their early 30s and others who are likely to rent even in their retirement.
  6. The vast sum of housing benefits paid to land-lords is a model of 21st century feudalism.
  7. No surprises here, it's exactly what I except from a Tory candidate.
  8. I doubt it can go on forever but it's shocking how there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.
  9. I suspect only a limited number of people can raise the capital to invest. Even mortgage deposits rely heavily on BOMAD or Help to Buy. It's much easier to get a mortgage loan than it is to get an investment loan or save enough in this low interest rate environment.
  10. The people who jump to the "Venezuela/Zimbabwe" argument lack critical thinking. That is the exact scaremongering stories TPTB use to stop anything that might question their position. It's the same lazy strategy they used against brexit and look at how that backfired.
  11. The reality is the policymakers will try anything to maintain the madness. I suspect they would consider: - negative interest rates - QE - Help to Buy version 2/ bailout for previous buyers - 40 year mortgages/ guarantor mortgages - Reverse some of the BTL changes - Ramp up immigration - Welcome overseas 'investors' into the market post-Brexit.
  12. Excellent. This post summarises very important issues. The pension system can mirror a demographic ponzi scheme. It relies on a promise being fulfilled 30-40+ years in the future.
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