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  1. It sounds like the new approach to try and squeeze every inch of HPI they can get. I.e subdivision of existing housing and shared ownership. It's mad how long they can keep up the HPI game.
  2. According to the L&G study, 19% of all home purchases in 2019 were funded partly or wholly by friends and family. In 2020 that figure will rise to 23%, it said. The data also showed that nearly a quarter (24%) of homebuyers said they were now more reliant on financial support from the bank of mum and dad following the pandemic. ...However, the bank of mum and dad is also facing its own challenges, with claims from mortgage commentators that it is being penalised by some lenders. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/money/2020/sep/01/more-uk-homebuyers-turn-to-ban
  3. It's a sad situation but it means accepting reality. Unless they have family inheritance or top 0.05% type wages, they can't afford to live in London and the South East. I was priced out of anywhere below Nottingham. Me and my partner are both professionals with well above average wages but we had to accept the situation for what it is.
  4. Surely anyone buying leasehold set themselves for this kind of trap? I would rather rent than buy a leasehold.
  5. This. The concept of risk and personal responsibility has been skewed. Bailouts are the new normal.
  6. I think most new investors struggle at the start with the slow pace of stock growth. It can take at least 5 years to get the most out of shares.
  7. Good article. I agree. The stock market is one the few areas where an average person can share some of gains from the rigged financial system.
  8. It sounds like you will do well out of the coming recession. How was your experience of 2008/9 and are you approaching it in a similar way?
  9. Agreed. How are things in Barcelona/ Venice?
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