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  1. Just what I was thinking. However, I can't vote more than once, so, assuming others can't either, perhaps it really is the true feeling out there? If so, then sentiment really seems to have turned on a dime, which, although many of us thought it would, is still very surprising when it actually does.
  2. I met him a couple of years ago, and, unusually for an EA, he seemed a really decent chap. He was also, even then, saying that prices needed to come down. I think he could see that if they carried on going up (as indeed they did), there would be trouble ahead (which there now is). fg
  3. Yes, I do find it amazing how completely dead the Cambridge/villages market is, with nothing selling, and many asking prices being significantly reduced. Those holding out for asking price seem to be sticking for months, by which time everyone assumes there is something wrong with the house & nobody will buy it unless they drastically reduce the price! Did you see the comments from John Pocock, of Pocock & Shaw (Cambridge EAs), which have been in the Sunday Times, Cambridge News and others in the last week. He said: "The market conditions are now as depressing as I can remember. Th
  4. Some anecdotes on the Cambridge & villages region which some people might find interesting: I've been amazed at how quickly the Cambridge & villages area has turned from being very buoyant to being totally dead in the water. Sentiment has turned on a dime, and stocks of unsold properties are higher than ever (and usually in November they are extremely low), many asking prices being slashed by £25-50k, some by up to £250k (granted this was for £1.5m props). Also, I happen to know that deals are being struck at some 10-15% off asking prices. Some EAs I have spoken to have freely admi
  5. Very interesting - do you have a link please, or at least can give info on location, type of property, etc? Many thanks.
  6. Yes, I agree - the market in Cambridge and surrounding villages has now suddenly done an about-turn, just in the last few weeks. Much more supply, especially of larger houses, but greatly reduced demand, meaning houses are sticking around - even desirable houses in good areas - while the vendor's over-ambitious asking prices are gradually reduced over time. I expect this will continue and gather pace over the next few months, until even bullish Cantabrigians realise that houses CAN go down here! Then it will be freefall for a few years.
  7. I'm hardly naive. I've been in and out of the property market for years & have probably viewed more houses in that time than you've had hot dinners. However this is the first time this has happened to me, so I can't believe it is as common as you think. Open Houses, yes, joint viewings, yes (if advised), but not sharky EAs getting a load of viewers to turn up at the same time when they all think they are going to be having a private view. Anyway, as it happens the EA did call me this morning & apologised profusely, so he must have realised it isn't acceptable behaviour and/or was a
  8. AN UPDATE: The EA called me this morning all very apologetic about what happened on Sat (see my OP), admitting that the viewing was supposed to be just for us & that the 3 other families shouldn't have been tagged on to our already arranged viewing without at least letting us know. They said that isn't the way they usually operate etc. They then offered me whatever time or day I wanted for a rearranged private viewing. (Presumably therefore they haven't been inundated with offers!) I have therefore decided to give them the benefit of doubt that perhaps it just was a junior in the offi
  9. Look, I really don't have any problem with Open Houses if I'm told that's what it is, but if you make an appointment for a private viewing, which is what I did, then you don't expect 3 other families to piggyback it without having been told in advance. That's bloody rude.
  10. The vomiting bit sounds fun! Hope you didn't buy the house only because you felt bad about it! I think I might have... Interested what you say about the bigots and HBs. We've only lived here a couple of years (we STMd here), but agree that there is a certain arrogance to some of the residents - although from experience it is generally the newcomers that are more materialistic and arrogant, rather than locals who generally seem fine. Luckily they're not too inbred this side of Cambridge either, although I have heard the Fens can be. Well, I know we can talk forever about whether it
  11. Fine, well then perhaps your EAs would do the decent thing and tell people that's what you are doing, rather than ******* who told me, "of course you can view the house, when would you like to see it?", and then arranging the viewing around my baby's nap times, so that I could come with my husband and children (after all who in their right mind is going to put an offer in on a house without their spouse or children seeing it?) - BUT THEN arranging for 3 other families to tag along too, without having the decency to let me know! Maybe then you'd get more understanding punters. As for time was
  12. I totally disagree. I think rampant HPI helps no one, and would be delighted if house prices fell to a level which was affordable for the majority of people, and then only rose going forwards in line with wage inflation. I want the UK to be a place where everyone who wants to own their own home can do so by working hard (and living frugally for some time if required), not just those who have been given huge handouts, are over 45, or who are earning in the top 5% of income. That's no sort of place for my children, or their contemporaries, to grow up in.
  13. Thought fellow Cambridge bods might find my experience interesting. Not prepared to name & shame the EA, but it is one of the well known EAs in Cambridge. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=46037 Today I experienced the latest nasty trick which I gather EAs are using - the underhand surprise mass viewing, designed to ramp up prices even further (as if vendors aren't getting enough already!) by creating so much pressure that potential buyers get sucked in and start offering ridiculous amounts above asking price to get the house. It was supposed to be a private viewin
  14. Not willing to name & shame the EA quite yet - I will at least give them until Monday to see if they call to apologise. If they don't, then I'll consider it. Glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like being tricked. We've also come to the conclusion that perhaps it just wasn't the house for us - certainly not at that asking price, which I presume they are expecting to exceed given the mass viewing - and there will be a better house out there for us eventually! One, at least, where it's not too much trouble to be allowed a clear 15 mins on your own to decide whether it's worth
  15. Well I did try - saying rather loudly how unprofessional I thought the EA was by obviously trying to create a bidding war, and that I would not be "drawn into sealed bids for THIS", which I'm sure two of the couples would have heard. And that's correct - I WON'T be drawn into overpaying for that house, when it is quite clearly overpriced even in the current market. We were only going to see it as we noticed it hadn't sold immediately (good stuff here is going instantly at the moment if not totally overpriced), so thought there might be some room to manoeuvre money off the asking price. Havi
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