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  1. Last one was 1990-91 then a long spell of not much happening till 96. 6 years before they started to pick up again. Will it be 6 years then? What's different this time? - no eastern european immigrants will flood in and need houses - interest rates can never be as low again because the chinese have stopped building cheap lawnmowers - the govt's in huge debt - the population's in more debt than ever before - we've got no north sea oil left to bail us out The UK is f----d. There won't be another housing boom, or economic boom, like this one. All I can offer you is 15 years of pain.
  2. Read to the bottom and you see GMAC gave him the house back. Which was nice.
  3. We've got it pretty good here. Generally you don't get robbed and shot. Most people have clean dry warm houses with hot running water. And if you get ill, OK you might have to wait a bit but you get sorted out pretty much for free, and you'll probably live through it. We've got beautiful countryside. And we might moan about the rain but it's a fecking blessing believe me. There's always going to be better places but when you're up in the top few richest countries like we are, it's pretty marginal. If you want people who say hi to you in the street, there are places in the UK like that.
  4. You're lucky. Great way to learn - make the most of it (pause...senior moment) is there such a thing as March '06 gold? What's it trading at?
  5. The bear parade is most definitely on, and I can't wait for the bear market
  6. that a silver spoon then? or maybe copper... You know anything about that big chinese copper short?
  7. ok the opinion of the central bank's policy may be nonsense or rumour, we just don't know. But then you say that the market is tight and a small investment by a bank would trigger a large change in the price... don't know about physical demand. Don't know about charts. The way I'm approaching this is: I'm an investor with a few k to put somewhere, I won't touch property, I won't touch UK equities because after the current m&a activity dies down, the economy is looking pretty grim. US equities look just as fragile, Europe is dead, Japan is a possibility but might have shot its load.
  8. I see some pretty good reasons for a long position, and I'd agree with you on one year, maybe 8 months, depending on how fast things move (don't forget the net - anyone can buy gold online tonight if they want, which wasn't the case earlier) Which justifications do you think are preposterous? What sort of time frame you looking at for the correction? (ps yeah this is in the wrong forum, but hey, once it's posted we can't shift it, and anyway if it had been in investments I wouldn't have seen it.)
  9. There's something very nice about a "gold rush" that actually involves gold. Pissed about for ages trying to find a way to get exposure to gold. But mining companies don't appeal, and it's hard to find a fund that tracks the index (there is one, but you need to be able to trade on NYMEX). So in the end I bought some real coins. You pay a premium of about 5% over the spot gold price, but what the hell - and I was curious anyway to see a real gold coin. Very disappointed when they arrived (by Royal Mail Special Delivery! expecting a man in a helmet at least). Gold coloured and satisfyingly
  10. It was going to have a huge effect on prices and I was thinking of buying on that basis. The billions paid into SIPPs so far show that. Now it's off, it will have a big effect in the other direction.
  11. Renting? Love it. Anything goes wrong? Someone else fixes it. Retiling the bathroom is the next job being scheduled in for the landlord. And anyone who says 'surely you'll want to buy at some point' shuts up pretty quick when they see how nice the place is and hear how much I'm paying.
  12. There's a derelict house I want to do up. It's been empty the past 2 years and I've held off investing while I wait for the stagnation/slump/crash to play out. Build up cash and maybe do it in 5 years time. But then SIPPs came along, and suddenly we're looking at 10% pa house price rises again (my projection). So if I don't do it now then I might not get a chance. Can't sit around and watch it go up by £20k a year. I did the sums. Drafted the plans. Talked to the owner. Checked with the council. And I was wrestling with whether I could afford the time or whether it would interfere
  13. Yes. No pics on big AVI version. Windows Media Player downloads a codec, says it doesnt work, then plays the sound anyway.
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