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  1. I bet a lot of these landlords who Hampton say have stopped renting properties, have just stopped renting via estate agents, and instead are renting out properties via Airbnb and similar as short-term lets, easily avoiding the weak 90-day yearly limit. The tax advantages of organising as a holiday-lettings business rather than a normal lettings business are also now more pronounced so wouldn't be surprising.
  2. I'm guessing that the Daily Mail will have to be unusually careful as to how it reports a property crash now.
  3. One of our regulars seems to be asking questions elsewhere ... https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/3002138-Current-Pickle-Rent-or-Buy
  4. Some news from the FT: https://www.ft.com/content/0c3427b2-5ce1-11e7-9bc8-8055f264aa8b
  5. Either the landlord is delusional (this seems unlikely, given that he's got an agent to advise him) or this is just a negotiating tactic: you ask for £150 off, he demands £150 more, you compromise and leave the rent unchanged. I'd ignore his response, try to overlook any game playing element, and ask yourself whether the rent saving on a new flat would outweigh all of the disadvantages of moving. If it would then move.
  6. Brutalism doesn't mean what you think it means. It's about raw exposed concrete. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brutalist_architecture
  7. International trade is incompatible with untrammeled national sovereignty. Government subsidies (is state aid) will not be tolerated within any significant trade agreements which the UK or any other country signs, for obvious reasons. If the UK wants to do as it pleases it will need to retreat into full-on isolationism.
  8. In this metaphor the tenants are like the crack pipe, and the flat itself is the rolled-up tenner.
  9. That's right. To get the attractive fixed low interest rate you have to tie yourself into the deal for anything between 2 and 10 years. During that time you face a stiff "redemption penalty" if you want out of the mortgage. Once that time is up you automatically get bumped onto the lender's standard variable rate (SVR). That will usually be higher, but not deliberately punitive. It applies to all of their borrowers who are not on a special deal, ie those who are too disorganised or lazy to refinance, or those who are credit-impaired or for some other reason wouldn't qualify for a special deal.
  10. As I recall there is some rule in the Consumer Credit Act against extortionate rates, but that would probably only kick in at around 50%, so can be ignored. But if the rate is out of line with the market then the borrower will just remortgage and go elsewhere. The SVR only kicks in after the redemption penalty period ends. If the borrower is a bad risk they'll have trouble finding a cheap, rate, but that would be the case anyway.
  11. Barley and chicory? Have you tried stirring some soil from the garden into a mug of warm water? If you live in an area of chalky soil this will contain your daily dose of calcium, and it has the advantage of being pro-biotic.
  12. I notice that all the floor plans at that development are very coy about mentioning any dimensions. They've managed to make the living area look reasonably comfortable, with room for a sofa at least. But if you compare that sofa with items of fixed size, you'll see it's not much bigger than the sink-plus-draining-board. It's basically a spacious armchair. And you'd be sitting about three feet away from an eighteen inch telly.
  13. Barking dogs can amount to what is known as a statutory nuisance. In theory at least your local authority or to take action on your behalf against your neighbour to stop the problem. See for example: http://www.trafford.gov.uk/residents/environment/pollution/noise-pollution/barking-dogs.aspx The truth is that post austerity, and even pre austerity, local authorities are unlikely to have the available cash to do this. I'm not sure what you hope to get from approaching their landlord. He certainly does not owe you any legal duty to supervise the tenant's lifestyle, and from what you say he will not be responsive to suggestions of duties of any other kind.
  14. If you ignore the EU-funded MSM and look for the facts, the vast majority of observers put it at nearer 12m.
  15. If you ignore the EU-funded MSM and look for the facts, the vast majority of observers put it at nearer 12m.
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