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  1. I shall be Adam LOL! Hi Doomed, what are your latest thoughts about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?
  2. Jilted. IF DEMAND STAYS THE SAME? There is not enough money/demand coming in to support the price of coins being mined at present even! when the halving takes place you will need twice the money coming in to even keep the price of Bitcoin the same!!
  3. Yes I have seen the FTSE. Bought a fair amount of Saga shares and Royal Mail this afternoon. 15.5p and 137p (there were big spreads). Bit of a gamble, as it’s enough to hurt my retirement fund if they tank further, but strongly suspect both will be higher in a few years time.
  4. Agreed, Price predictions and using charts in such a massively manipulated market is pretty pointless. I would not dare short Bitcoin as so much fake money is being used in a thin market. I can only really say that massively manipulated markets, where a relatively small number of large holders try to benefit always, always fail eventually. Reminds me a lot of the Polly Peck saga and the silver market long ago. A fascination with bubbles and the psychology behind them drew me to this Bitcoin forum.
  5. Jilted. The massive pump using fake intra exchange loans converted to tether to pump Bitcoin timed with the halving has and is failing. There isn’t even enough real money coming in to support the current price to buy the coins being mined. very interesting bubble, but when all is stripped away it’s just a big Ponzi scheme totally reliant on new people buying the shite. Bitcoin has had it’s run in the sun and you cannot pump a turd up twice. I would start praying the big holders don’t start dumping.
  6. Jilted, your many posts are well thought out and quite well written, but the chance of Bitcoin being a go to place as a store of value is pretty much zero. People who are reasonably investment savvy, simply do not look at Bitcoin as ever fulfilling this function. Bitcoin is simply viewed as a massively manipulated plaything, to perhaps put a few grand in and chase higher. The recent massive pump, using over $350 million of tether type funny money by the big players has not generated any real interest and very little new real money.
  7. There was a three page article in the Sunday Times magazine today that I read this AM. Sorry cannot post a link. Andy Pag is a freelance journalist and it’s another story about someone who took a punt (he stuck £2000 in 2013, 100 coins). If I mention Mt Gox and no cold wallet storage, you can probably work out what happened. Quite a good article, but nothing new.
  8. 2 Month window ?? You may want to check your facts on that. Still find it hard to believe people still claim hardly anyone has heard of Bitcoin. Virtually everybody I speak to that can string a sentence together has heard of it.
  9. Having looked through the thread history the main conclusion anyone would draw is that no one has a clue where the price is heading and people pretty much blindly follow their coin of choice. Not looking good for bitcoin, first proper bear market the general public has witnessed and it failed miserably to hang onto $6000, same with $4000. Despite what looked like desperate attempts to keep the price at these levels. Not sure where enough fools will emerge from to get the price higher in a sustained manner. Talk of institutions secretly building large positions is pretty hilarious.
  10. Great timing! Assuming you banked the proceeds in boring old cash.
  11. Fantastically funny watching all this worthless code revert back towards it’s true value. Bitcoin may have some role to play in the future, but I fear it has no real use currently. I think the fact that even Crypto conferences refused to take it for payment was pretty damming. I think all the Tether type manipulation by the big players didn’t help and I just can’t see anyone putting what I call ‘hurt’ money in. So that’s a big NO as a store of value.
  12. In my eyes XRP is the poster boy for the utter futiily of investing in any of the alts. Anyone stupid enough to invest at current prices deserves everything they are going to get. The thing I really don’t get, is that all the answers regards XRP are available on google within 15mins. Yes, I will give you that they took perfect advantage of a developing mania and they run a very slick marketing operation, but it doesn’t even clear the first hurdle as to how most people would define crypto. XRP is DOOMED.
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