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  1. Asking prices up over 10pc YOY according to ESPC and I bet sale prices the same. Not what I expected a few months ago. "First home scheme" might have something to.do with it. Should be able to get a better deal in a few months I think but who knows, number of properties on market gradually increasing
  2. Have been watching the Leith area since lockdown and seems like business as usual so far. Flats are being listed at all time highs and going to closing.
  3. I wouldn't consider anywhere over the bridge as there's a lot of traffic, maybe 50 mins each way. East Lothian is a bit better for commuting and a bit nicer. Musselburugh might be worth checking out, there's a train into the centre. Portobello is nice but apparently has gotten expensive.
  4. The area at the end of the new line is a lot better value than Easter Rd / Leith walk IMO and the tram wont be on the road much between there and leith so should be pretty quick. Around about Newhaven is a nice area and a short walk from Leith if that is where you hang out
  5. What makes you think that there is a sizeable anti English rhetoric? There really isn't. About half the people living in the highlands are English anyway :) The independence movement was/is more to do with freeing ourselves from the Tories and since Brexit, re-joining Europe
  6. Really sad to here these stories of loss. It's so f*cked up. You all should have been proved right but were screwed over. It does feel like the crash is right around the corner but it's felt like that for a while. Would recommend Glasgow for sure. Can get 5x what you would get in London and it's a better place to live IMHO. Close to some beautiful nature and scenery, lots of interesting things going on, nice buildings. Wouldn't worry about not being Scottish! Prices starting to shoot up now though
  7. Thought this might be of interest to a few people on here: 'Edinburgh’s “rampant” Airbnb issues have escalated, with the number of entire houses or flats now available to let in the city rocketing from 5,474 to 7,366 in the past 12 months.Read more at: https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/edinburgh-s-rampant-airbnb-growth-hollowing-out-city-1-4849285' Goes a long way in explaining the massive gains in the last couple years IMO. I've found a flat I like i will probably just buy it. The mortgage will be significantly cheaper than rent would and I can lock in for 5 years. I still
  8. I got 15k from bomad and saved 35. Enough for Scotland. Lucky my work send me overseas for a couple years so that I could save otherwise there's no way
  9. Pretty nice ESPC report: https://espc.com/news/post/house-price-report-october-2018 "During this period, the number of homes coming to market increased by 10.9% annually The number of homes sold during this period decreased by 0.4% annually From August to October 2018, the median selling time of a property in east central Scotland was 20 days, which was 1 day slower than last year" 2% MOM drop in house prices for the city of edinburgh
  10. Anecdotal but spoke to a solicitor today how said that the market in Edinburgh has changed a lot recently. Wheras before there were around 10 people bidding / home now there is just a few
  11. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/campaigners-joy-at-edinburgh-airbnb-ban-progress-1-481982 'Green MSP for the Lothians, Andy Wightman, successfully tabled an amendment to the Planning Bill, calling for property owners to need full planning consent in order to change a main residence into a short-term let property such as Airbnb.' Some good news in case anyone missed it
  12. DJ down 600 points! That's all of this year's gains erased.
  13. Ignore the second graph, dint mean to post..
  14. A lot more properties for sale than this time last year, almost back up to where we were a couple of years ago.
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