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  1. The question is, what is the potential upside and what is the chance of that happening and what is the potential downside and what is the chance of that happening. Then you can decide how risky it is and invest an amount that keeps you within your risk tolerance. Or decide that the downside is greater than the upside and don't invest. Say you think that there is a 40% chance of it going to 1m and a 60% chance of it going to 0 in 5 years. That's a pretty good punt. But unless you have a very high appetite for risk, better not to put the house on it, maybe just the car. This is the situatio
  2. You are always risking a loss though! If you are waiting for a point where there is no risk of a loss then you will continue waiting
  3. Essentially load up on as much low interest debt as you can get your hands on then?
  4. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2021/04/20/top-investor-baillie-gifford-joins-bitcoin-rush-100m-funding/
  5. Agreed 99% of my savings (plus some borrowed money..) are in Bitcoin and I'll try to HODL through the dips. No harm chucking 200 on moonshots is there tho
  6. No. I know that you sacrifice 10% to cash out. Some of which gets distributed to Safemoon holders
  7. Im mostly in bitcoin. I put a little in dodge for a laugh which has turned into a fair wack but 1/4 of my bitcoin bag. Plus some ADA, Monero and Stellar but not a lot in each
  8. Just bought some safemoon. Bit of a shlep: Buy BNB - Binance is easiest otherwise trade BTC on KuCoin (this is what I done) Create trustwallet wallet Send BNP to trustwallet (im using phone app) Swap your BNP to Smartchane BNP (if you never bought on Binance) Go to Dapps Go to pancakeswap Swap BNP for Safemoon or any of the other more obscure coins Safemoon show up in wallet Cant wait to land on the moon and for all of this to be worth it...
  9. I think that your problem is that you would like the risk of going too deep into the red to be less than what it currently is, more like investing in stocks. So you are waiting until you think the chance of the price going significantly down shortly after purchase is lower than what you think it currently is, but If that point hasn't come in the last few months I doubt it will come in the next few. DCA mitigates the risk of buying the top and feeling like a chump. Time in the market > timing the market. Much less stressful too
  10. Is the theory on the big whale moves that they move their money from cold storage to exchanges to sell, clear out the leveraged positions / trigger stop losses and buy back in or that they are preparing for a quick exit if things nose dive or something else?
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