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  1. I agree, it isn’t really painful yet. I think it demonstrates a lot of EA / media generated froth though - which some mumsnetters have rightly pointed out too.
  2. House sold for £80k less https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4297166-House-sold-for-80k-less
  3. I’m hoping that the results of broken chains (due to not completing in time fir the SD exemption) will start to appear soon. There will probably be a period of renegotiating first, then those that can’t afford to buy without the SD exemption will withdraw and houses will be back on the market, probably by September. Probably initially priced at a higher price but with reductions throughout Autumn / early winter. That’s my hope.
  4. I’m finding the same thing in Trafford. Hoping for a drop in Autumn, what do you think?
  5. Yes and the state no longer contributes to holiday / after school club once the kid is at high school. If you are on a low wage then you can claim up to 70% of it back up to high school age. A couple both doing 35 hours a week on min wage would have a household income of 35k, so would only get child benefit plus help towards rent (if in a high rent area). The old system was bonkers as it often made people worse off if they did more than 16 hours a week work. It would reduce their benefits more than the extra salary (if on a low wage). Also, the 2 child limit has been in place since 2017, I think we are yet to see the impact of that. Can’t you tell I read mumsnet 😂.
  6. Depends on how old your youngest child is. Once the youngest goes to high school, then you have to do 35 hours a week. I think between 5 and 11 it’s 25 hours and under 5 it’s less.
  7. Re high rise blocks there are also the new building safety regs to take into account.
  8. They only have to do 25 hours a week when the children are in primary school. It goes up to 35 hours a week once the youngest goes to high school. 70% of wrap around care can be claimed back.
  9. Yeah but only 1. He works in merchandising for non essential retail. I know of a few recruiters who were furloughed but made redundant around September - they all seem to have found jobs pretty quickly though as apparently some areas of recruitment are doing well again.
  10. I can imagine. It’s finding the balance between not penalising those, who through no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times - one parent has died or has legitimately run off and disappeared and those that think they have a right to be a mother and that everyone else is obliged to pay for their right to be a mother. Unfortunately that second attitude seems to be pretty hardwired amongst posters on mumsnet.
  11. Bringing the 2 child limit in in 2017 was also a good idea. They don’t get extra benefits for 3rd child and above, born after April 2017, other than child benefit which is about £10 a week. Although they can demand a bigger house due to over crowding if they have lots of kids. Still lots of squealing about that from the career single mothers over on mumsnet. As you say, still lots on the old system but hopefully the message is gradually getting out. Also, EEs wanting to come here to claim benefits can no longer come but plenty moved here to milk it and we can’t get rid of them. My argument (as a mother I do post on mumsnet), is what are you going to do when the kids turn 18 and the benefits and maintenance stop rolling in? They’ll have no house (unless they’ve managed to get social housing), no pension and if they haven’t acquired professional skills and qualifications (which most don’t) they’ll suddenly be on NMW with no benefits to top them up. They don’t seem to look that far ahead though.
  12. I agree. I understand it was the Callaghan Labour government that changed our system to non contributory and then the Blair / Brown Labour government who presided over the influx of unskilled workers who need (and are entitled to under a non contributory benefits system) benefits to survive.
  13. Most of them can’t afford to be taxed more. We could stop being so generous to those who make bad choices. Food and board (in some kind of large dormitories) in exchange for work that benefits the community - litter picking, graffiti cleaning etc. Knowing that a free house and a life on benefits is no longer the result of having kids is no longer the result of having kids they can’t afford, may make the next generation make different decisions. The benefits system is pretty generous to those with kids (rightly as it’s not the kids fault that their parents had kids they couldn’t afford) but that generosity also acts as a carrot for people to continue making bad decisions (that aren’t bad decisions from their perspective).
  14. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4136068-gutted-stamp-duty mixed views on this one.
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/dec/07/council-refusing-help-home-office-deport-rough-sleepers-homeless?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other What’s the consensus on homeless non Brits?
  16. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4096267-House-not-selling No link unfortunately but worth a watch.
  17. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4088928-the-forlorn-buyers-sellers-club This one is interesting.
  18. Oligarch’s daughters and French investment bankers, according to mumsnet. They are queuing up to buy ex council flats apparently.
  19. A couple of posters have mentioned the EWS1 certificate. I think that means only cash buyers unless the freeholder has an EWS1.
  20. I don’t know London so can’t comment on the area. its certainly not a nice flat though. Love the 2 balcony photos - the real one and the photoshopped one.
  21. Thanks for that, those numbers really demonstrate the insanity of the last 25 years.
  22. Another London flat not selling. Probably just needs to de clutter. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4068789-london-flat-not-selling-why-why-can-you-plz-help-me-to-understand
  23. There are a lot of benefit claiming single mothers on mumsnet, lots of threads about how to maximise your benefits claim. It seems to be either champagne socialists or professional single mothers, nothing in between.
  24. Ahem, I’m a member of both sites ( to be fair I am a mother) so you will sometimes see my comments on property threads. I hadn’t seen this thread until it was highlighted on here, will go and read it now.
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