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  1. Yes, same here as well. Nothing really decent which stands out asking to be taken notice of. There are plenty of listings of mediocre stuff at silly delusional prices. Also as above, zero sign of any chains breaking and an economic downturn.
  2. OK, thanks for all who have posted thus far. An update: I visited the EA to show proof of funds which they are doing the checks on, apart from some errors on their part over the weekend which I have responded to they are undertaking relevant checks. When at the EA I hinted that we have the funds and are "oven ready" for a deal on a property before the stamp duty deadline. The vendors seem to be a bit vague though about their plans. I was a bit annoyed when the EA commented that I should not be thinking about making offers elsewhere as it will make the vendor lose confidence in us. I told EA we don't want to be sitting around waiting and potentially missing the stamp duty holiday. Yesterday we hand wrote and posted 9 cards in to houses in the neighbourhood asking if anyone would like to sell. We will see if we can do some more houses again tonight.
  3. As stated at beginning of the thread I would wait a month or so more, but patience is running very low with the family on this one. I am yet to see signs of any broken chains and anything half decent is getting snapped up within days. I was outbid on another house which went to final offers in 2 days. This was last week, and we supposedly are experiencing financial dislocation. Yes, will most certainly be looking for a survey. Also need to shave off 10k from the price if possible for breathing room.
  4. Thanks, will take in to consideration, if anyone has templates they would recommend please let me know. I will do an online search this evening in any case.
  5. Also there are some mortgages available for those of the Muslim faith, but they come with some strict criteria such as not being able to rent out any part of the house for the duration of the mortgage- which is a dealbreaker.
  6. A good question, you are actually right, those saving like myself have been hit continually over the years. The reason for not taking a mortgage is for religious reasons primarily (Muslim faith), if I can avoid I would like to do so. Also the idea of not being a debt slave until pension age also appeals to me. With regards to the loans they will hopefully be minimal and from close family friends. I have done this once before where we all chipped in to pay off the mortgage in the house we currently live in, with bank transfers to the accounts of those who lended as a record of payment.
  7. Yes, thanks, it is a family effort with all of us chipping in to get to this figure from years of work. I am obviously a member of this site and have been a visitor for years waiting for a price crash. Ideally if I could get the property for 350k I would be happy, it is a place to live and not an investment. If lower than this would be amazing but this govt is fanatical about keeping prices inflated. At the current price I am not ecstatic but I am realistic, shaving off 10-15k would make me much happier about the transaction.
  8. Thanks for this, I was not aware of the above, much appreciated. The only thing which springs to mind is that banks would not be involved, so therefore bypassing the above? If we have an old family friend who wants to lend me some money, or if we want to sell some assets such as gold stored at a bank then that should not be objectionable?
  9. The last comment An EA has told us he preferred our offer as it was baked in but vendors went for someone else offering "a little bit more" was in relation to an offer of ours on another property which was rejected.
  10. Well interestingly we know of a house nearby which went for cash at a much discounted rate because the chain broke down at the last minute and the couple had found somewhere else which they liked. I am therefore thinking getting a discount would only work after the vendors are serious about moving. I will also be saying we want to move before the stamp duty holiday ends, are not in a chain and don't need a mortgage, so its defo sale to be made, unfortunately vendors have been preferring chains and mortgages over us. An EA has told us he preferred our offer as it was baked in but vendors went for someone else offering "a little bit more".
  11. Yes, will try to see land registry and do the comparisons. I am expecting some push back, therefore thinking it might be better to raise this post survey. This house does tick the boxes we are looking for, though there are others we would rather like which we have been outbid on now a couple of times. I am seeing virtually zero signs of broken chains at the moment which is amazing considering the amount of jobs being lost or peoples reduced financial situations.
  12. Thanks for the responses thus far. Over the years there have been a few people on here who have had to take the plunge and enter the property market. There are *some* wise heads on here, so advice would be appreciated. Yes with regards to money laundering I have evidence for the 6 months of accounts all the way up to 345k. They will not accept 350k, I previously offered this which they rejected. Back to my original question, any suggestions on how to proceed? I was thinking that EA should be happy someone can prove they are within 30k with provable funds not requiring a mortgage. How I can leverage this to get a bit more off?
  13. Hello, I have finally had to give in and make an offer on a property which has been accepted. I would rather have waited for a few more months to see if any broken chains emerged and then made an offer. Background: I have been saving and will be borrowing from family and thus will be a cash buyer at 375k (property was listed at 390k). I would appreciate advice on the following: - EA has asked for proof of funds and said I need to show I have funds for the full 375k. Is this usually true? I can show funds for 345k and have asked friends of family for the remainder. - We realised after the offer was accepted that two similar homes on the street with similar specs just went for 365k. This data just came on recently via zoopla. With those with some experience in this field, how can I get the price down further? Should I mention the lower price only after I have shown the EA proof of 345k of funds? Will EA be regarding me as a time waster if I cannot show the final 30k? The Mrs seems to think they will not be impressed if i cannot show the full funds and may result in the offer not being officially accepted. Any help on the above would be appreciated.
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