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  1. My first post here since the crash of 2007/2008. I moved from Manchester back to my home town a hotbed of UKIP (Thurrock) some years ago and it really is an eye opener. In fact I managed to get punched in the eye on the eve of the referendum for one of my Pro-Europe rants. I also used to drink with Tim Aker (UKIP MEP) down my local and although we agree on a lot of things we disagree on the solutions. With my job I worked in many different countries and with many different cultures all of whom had very high IQ and therefore I see ethnic diversity as an advantage. What I've written below will seem like a UKIP rant however I see it as symptoms of an over-heating London based economy which may have been mitigated if we had managed to bridge the UKs North/South divide. Thurrock and indeed Southern Essex is basically becoming a dormitory area for people that work in London and also an area which has received an influx of black Evangelical Christians from London social policies (another topic entirely). If you go to Grays town center you will see a lot of non-whites and those that are white will be speaking french/polish/etc but not English. As its a dormitory area the new people seldom use the local shops/pubs. Bad planning of the massive expansion of housing development combined with Tory austerity means that social services are stretched. If I want to see a GP I have to predict that I'm going to be ill two weeks in advance, it takes that long to get an appointment and of course all the doctors are EU/non-EU foreigners (My last GP was Spanish and returned to Spain disallusioned with the UK) It has been believed by native Thurrock people for years, that we could easily survive and thrive independent of the rest of the UK (yes I said UK), and that we subsidise the rest of the UK. This is still possibly and probably true. The large amount of development work in London has been a boon for our local skilled workforce, However because of the shortage of skilled workers, firms have obviously been hiring from Europe and some firms have been so desperate they have been lax on the necessary qualifications. Imagine you're a skilled electrician earning good money and you have to work with a bunch of poles who are earning the same money as you and clearly not as good as you, wouldn't you feel that your wages are being kept down by a bunch of immigrants. So I given up arguing for Europe here as basically in this environment everything that is wrong, that really should be blamed on the UK government itself, is blamed on the EU. Brexiteers are going to be very disappointed if/when we leave and the Tories still fail to meet their immigration targets by miles, this target is impossible and they know it, unless the economy goes into freefall. What I think should happen next on Brexit (although I would never vote for it) is a no-deal Brexit, followed by negotiations to rejoin the EU, then a referendum requiring a 60% vote to rejoin What will happen is a state of limbo for many years until demographics change to give a clear sense of direction. If another Global Recession (quite possibly imminent) occurs we will get a hard Brexit, if the economy manages to limp on long enough youngsters will become old enough to be represented and a safe margin referendum will occur. Merry Easter GrimUpNorth (aka Creditor ****/creditcrunch/greenenergyinvesters)
  2. 1) Private 2) 400 3) 1 4) Manchester 5) 110k
  3. The first few sentences don’t sound catchy enough, how about: The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the difficulties caused to me and many others in my situation, whom are forced to delay having a family because of high house prices. Warning I only managed a CSE grade 2 in English. (always get confused with whom and who)
  4. Just plotted the last fifty Land registry prices for lancaster house in Manchester city center (sorry no title don't want to get caught by the boss) So up 5k over the last 2 years.
  5. Apologies for the bad spelling as I was somewhat shocked. So did anyone else hear it? Is the BBC sending subliminal HPC messages on other news stories? Have we finally infiltrated the BBC?
  6. Talking about vodafone losses. I'm sure I just hear something like 'Its a bit like valuating your house when the value has gone down' Am I going mad or did anyone else hear this?
  7. Just spoke to people in the know, India House is impossible for wheelchair access, as are most of the association flats in the city (could start a whole new thread on this, as legally they have to provide access even if it is through the car park). Moston, ouch, stayed there for a week cat sitting, full of overweight people (not American), mind you, the barmaid in the lycra with fat rolling provocatively.... on the triangle made my day. New Moston = Moston Lite? Anything over 100k round there must be madness. Don't often go north of the city, but the flat/business development over the past few years is staggering. By the way apparently the BBC are not relocating here (Observer today) because of money problems, so thats a thousand less renters for the BTLs GrimUpNorth
  8. Rent a housing association flat at half the market rent, a friend of mine does this and lives just above O'Sheas and I should imagine disability will help speed you through the waiting list. To buy now would be to throw at least 30k away IMO. Rents have come down but they seem to be sticking at about 550/month minimum (bearing in mind most landlords will be paying upto 100 a month service charge), I pay 400 near there, so theres always room to haggle. Renting is the only way to go around here, remember if you buy: theres a service charge, a rent guarantee (which will apply to most of your BTL neighbours) only lasts two years, and the fact that so many flats are currently empty! PM me if you need a cleaner (20 an hour, reliable people). GrimUpNorth
  9. Give yourself a slap and seek mental treatment. Where and what are you thinking of buying and please don't say a luxury 2 bed flat. GrimUpNorth
  10. This is my source Hadley Centre 30% does seem a large figure, will get back to you when I've checked your source out. The weakening is not as important as shutting down, the question is how much weakening is needed to shut it down. Is it posible to change your login name when someone else has already got a very similar one? I was just trying to pay homage to the all knowing ImUpNorth! GrimUpNorth
  11. That idea was around a few years ago, but is now out of favour. It's incredibly difficult to model the gulf stream as it is strongly non linear. It's in a stable state and no matter how you hard you push, things stay the same. But give it a slightly harder push and it changes completely without a chance of ever going back. I was thinking of buying (I wish) a hill in the peak district for future skiing a few years back. GrimUpNorth
  12. We all know the bad side of commodity/stock market/housing bubbles, but what are their good points? The Dot Com Bubble helped to bring in loads of investment into the Internet and brought advances at great speed, which in my view would not have happened without the sheep mentality throwing loads of money at it. In the future the Housing Bubble may have helped create new and cheap homes for low earners (once the BTL's are forced to sell); admittedly rubbish luxury flats, but better than nothing. The possible Commodity(oil) Bubble makes industry cut costs and find more efficient and inventive ways of using resources, leading to research investment and less global destruction. Going to war - leads to bubbles in arms spending which leads to spin offs for research. Much of our technology today was based on military development. Not that I advocate breaking international law. The Health bubble, pharmaceuticals are making a killing at the moment, but will this bubble burst once the demographics have evened out (ie all the baby boomers have kicked the bucket), thus advances in medicine will then decrease. My own sector, Science, see's lots of bubbles on about a 5 to 10 year cycle, some areas get thrown lots of money for a while, then another area becomes popular and you just follow the money. The downside is that you may lose some valuable experienced people, however it stops researchers becoming fixed in their ways and there may well be a useful crossover where techniques in one field can be applied in another. Could a nice stable non-bubble market economy produce the speed of advance we are seeing, or do we need bubbles and hence the inevitable ups and downs in house prices? GrimUpNorth
  13. >Can you post a link and explain what a tick is? As far as I know a tick is the minimum investment you can trade in which is half a basis point or 0.005%. So a change of 9 ticks is about 0.05%, which doesn't seem that much to me. I do hate it when every small fluctuation is posted to this board. Undoubtably this is a sign that the market expects interest rates to rise at some stage. BUT newbies to Hpc (like I used to be) are likely to shout at friends in the pub that short sterling has tanked/shot through the roof today and it will be pointed out to them that the pound sterling is actually amost the same as yesterday. Well it happened to me! GrimUpNorth
  14. Very Usefull site! I'm also amazed at the number of negatives. If you look at the trend in land registry figures things still look slightly upwards round my area of interest. So maybe its just EA's suggesting lower prices so they can sell faster rather than twiddle their thumbs, and the property sells for about the same price anyway. By the way Jon, I hope you don't keep the search querys, as you'll be able to tell where everyone comes from on the HPC GrimUpNorth
  15. Hi All, Been lurking here for a year - hpc is so addictive I'm might regret joining up! Been a bear for years (even during the boom, doh!) I'm just amazed this pyrimid selling scheme has not fallen appart yet. Anyone know whats happening to Suttons City Living in Manchester City Center. Went past it today and all the pictures have been taken down. Are they moving/closing down or what? They've had loads of staff on recently, but very few customers. Still, can't see them loosing money as they manage loads of existing property. Rents are still extortionate here - dispite loads of property looking vacant and their poor build quality. GrimUpNorth
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