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  1. I see this genre of article as the opposite of the Fear, uncertainty, and doubt tactic. There is a steady stream of opinions from estate agents and other VIs in the media just occupy in the public's mind that property is a one-way bet. For every one article with a bit of bad news, ten other pop up in the following weeks arguing how its never been a better time to get into property.
  2. Thanks for the insightful posts! I’ve learned a lot just by the question posed. I had done a bit of with the LR dataset at well, but hadn’t looked at seasonality yet. I should give it another go based on what you have suggested @Notting Hell
  3. FT: Unilever faces biggest cost rises in a decade, warns chief executive On the same day: FT: UK inflation risk hinges on wage growth, warns BoE official So they are 'looking through it' unless we get wage inflation
  4. Great article, it does feel like we are at a moment of transition right now. From what I see, I think there is greater public acceptance that there is a problem with housing, and there may be less Gen Zers willing to opt into the ponzi scheme (because it’s no longer possible).
  5. But the article is making comparisons with urban areas: It’s a bit of a shame to have left the urban areas out…. I wonder if it’s because they wanted to not show urban areas falling?
  6. More of the same..... in the last ten years, the best way to get the effect of raising interest rates have been talk about raising interest rates and never actually do it
  7. Where is this money coming from, surely not everyone in London has managed to sell up and started overbidding on Northern properties?
  8. What the prop that they are pushing? Getting ready to pitch for the extension or removal of Stamp Duty after September im guessing
  9. Theres no labour shortage, just a shortage of the pool of people who will work for the wages that employers are offering
  10. Ive seen the phrase "Unexpectedly re-available" on Rightmove in the area of London I look at a few times as well!
  11. Source: https://www.nationwidemediacentre.co.uk/news/nationwide-helps-generation-rent-become-generation-buy-as-society-increases-max-loan-to-income-ratio-for-first-time-buyers
  12. Nationwide today talking about 5.5x lending for first-time mortgages: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/apr/20/nationwide-first-time-buyers-building-society-loans-earnings
  13. Sad thing is a that a lot of young people are so desperate to get on the ‘ladder’ that they will take these schemes without thinking through the consequences. The pressure from all sides is really immense.
  14. This is also social housing: https://www.architecture.com/knowledge-and-resources/knowledge-landing-page/goldsmith-street-sets-new-standard-for-social-housing But that doesn't fit your narrative does it?
  15. Were you thinking about https://builtplace.com/
  16. Comments on that article look like they could be from this site. The 95% mortgage has not gone down well with that crowd
  17. I agree to an extent, but its also a signal for those selling to not lower prices, because they can turn around to people and say that there is a government scheme available for those who cant afford the asking price.
  18. Lets be honest, the cut is permanent, they are not going to be able to justify bringing it back under any circumstances, even if the economy were to magically recover tomorow. This was obvious from the start, but getting rid of Stamp Duty is the first step towards a much more progressive form of Land Value Tax, the government will need the revenue soon enough.
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