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  1. I have in the last few years arranged home care, then finally a care home place for a grandparent and manage the bills each month. The biggest issue has been years of indescribable incompetence from the council who do the billing. Years and years of totally wrong bills, the inability to send a statement of payments in and out and a massive disconnect between all the different departments. They're in a residential home now, 3 grand a month but so much easier and better care. Although it's frustrating that if you happen to have some money they take it all. Everything. If you have nothing in the bank and never saved or worked you get it free. I struggle to see how a small taxrise would cover the costs. I'll be taking a one way trip to Switzerland when the time comes rather than go that way. It may be seen as dark but I genuinely think they try and keep people alive for far too long, even when they have zero quality of life and don't want it. I ended up in trouble with social services for advocating for the things a late grandparent wanted I.e no hospital after a fall. How do we have that conversation with people though you know . . .
  2. My pay day treat arrived today- bag of high quality soil, worm compost and pots. A months worth of hobbies and have been growing my own food at the same time. Cutting costs and paying off debt each month with the aim of one day being "free". I'm not looking to buy a house I'll be buying a small area of woodland and growing/ building all I need. When your working full time it's hard to even find time to go to the shop on your 30 mins lunch break so it's much easier to order, however, everything that comes in the house needs a use and most items are used/refurbed
  3. Your mistaken- I do not care for shiny tat and I don't think that is the way forward. Consuming is destroying the planet and putting us into debt. What is happening is people are ordering more and more online these days and once people change their habits they don't often go back. Adding taxes to subsidise dying highstreets won't help- why not make highstreets easier to access. People will always buy STUFF, I'm talking about where it comes from. Why do you assume I am defending buying crap as I clearly didn't mention that.
  4. 50 cars to one shop vs 1 van to 50 houses- far more efficient. It's not a world I want to build it's the world we are actually living in
  5. They are building more road- HS2 and bridges to the moon
  6. Yes they all come cap in hand demanding bail outs as soon as something goes wrong. The Tories are so far from the free market these days- is there one industry that won't get schemes and vouchers these days. God forbid someone makes a loss on business
  7. I've been reading that there are hints this is what they will do. If it's making sure Amazon and Google pay their fair tax share then brilliant it's a long time coming. Sadly it looks as though they are just looking for an easy tax- I will still order online with a 2% tax increase because I live in the 21st century and I can't get what I want in the charity shops, cafes and pound shops that are in my area. This government need to get with the times, they are becoming more and more out of touch with reality by the day. A gov should be helping the people move with the times and adapt to changing society not doing everything they can to keep everything the same when it's totally outdated and irrelevant plus massively expensive. Pay for retraining for those on furlough rather than paying them what is effectively an unemployment benefit until right before Xmas and expecting things to be honky dory. Shops are the past for a lot of things, no matter what Mike Ashley or debenhams say. Being governed by dinosaurs atm and I'm perplexed how they can keep being so wrong about everything
  8. That's a massive massive debt to take, then to bang the rest on the credit card. I can't see that place putting on 100k in 5 years to cover that loan- 2 year fixed rate won't last long then they need to remortgage with tens of thousands of pounds on the plastic. Considering they only saved 6k themselves I can't imagine they will be in a good financial place in 5 years. 1 job loss and that's the paddle gone. Half a mil in debt just like that. . . FML
  9. "The couple have bought almost all of their furniture on a credit card". Wow
  10. Wow it's gotten bitter on here. I only checked in to see if there was anything interesting, sadly not, only people hating on poor people. It's all got very daily mail. I do not understand why people hate those less well off than themselves, they are not your enemy and they are not taking anything from you- if the government didn't give them the measly amounts trust me, get still wouldn't give it to the rest of us. It seems like the divide and rule tactics of blame it on the poor and blame it on the foreigners is working. Can't see much evidence of anyone actually knowing the benefit systems or what it's like to be on them from many posters here and it's bloody sad the way some of you lot are talking about other human beings. Can't you just get back to slag*ing off landlords (the real benefit scroungers)
  11. To be fair i have one and it's made my life much easier in that sense. I was stuck with a pay as you go meter when I moved in and I'm several floors away from the meter room. I had a smart meter put in and can do all my topping up and checking on my phone and dont have to go to the meter ever now which was quite an inconvenience. Estimated bills can cause nightmares so when they work it's brilliant
  12. https://www.property118.com/landlords-wear-body-cameras/ He's decided to wear a body cam now, he says it's to cover himself for court but it's more likely to be the amount of abuse he receives on a daily basis
  13. Yes I'm in Bristol, we are receiving the overflow from London. Cardiff are getting the priced out from Bristol and on it goes. Rents are through the roof here now, I'm lucky to be in a housing association flat. Have been looking into getting a camper for some solid travelling, I don't think I could live in one full time though, I have luxury tastes like central heating and a bog but there's a big movement in van dwelling now due to prices. Do not blame them at all
  14. I'm starting the NHS in November- support function, I've been wondering the same. Just walked out today a week early, always a new beginning. I'd feel with tech it depends on the company structure
  15. Crikey how much debt, who is giving this person all this money when clearly it makes no sense. 600 grand written off!? That is shocking
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