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  1. To be fair i have one and it's made my life much easier in that sense. I was stuck with a pay as you go meter when I moved in and I'm several floors away from the meter room. I had a smart meter put in and can do all my topping up and checking on my phone and dont have to go to the meter ever now which was quite an inconvenience. Estimated bills can cause nightmares so when they work it's brilliant
  2. https://www.property118.com/landlords-wear-body-cameras/ He's decided to wear a body cam now, he says it's to cover himself for court but it's more likely to be the amount of abuse he receives on a daily basis
  3. Yes I'm in Bristol, we are receiving the overflow from London. Cardiff are getting the priced out from Bristol and on it goes. Rents are through the roof here now, I'm lucky to be in a housing association flat. Have been looking into getting a camper for some solid travelling, I don't think I could live in one full time though, I have luxury tastes like central heating and a bog but there's a big movement in van dwelling now due to prices. Do not blame them at all
  4. I'm starting the NHS in November- support function, I've been wondering the same. Just walked out today a week early, always a new beginning. I'd feel with tech it depends on the company structure
  5. Crikey how much debt, who is giving this person all this money when clearly it makes no sense. 600 grand written off!? That is shocking
  6. Had exactly the same from the relative I mentioned- posted a picture on facebook of one of the generic memes bashing youngsters. Something along the lines of teens in 1920- in the war vs teens in 2018- bunch of drunk people. Of course forgetting their own upbringing was sandwiched somewhere in the middle and also NOT in the war. Convenient how people use others experiences to make a point and comfortably pretend they are. I mean, my nan was bombed TWICE! She had it TOUGH, but they didn't Its like when you see a post of someone on the parasite 118 pages or DM- "My granny worked all her life the house I inherited and rent out now and live off of". Such cognitive dissonance, entertains me so much
  7. Yep of course its always been "hard", nobody is saying that the older generation were given them for free, but it is near on impossible for some of us now. Buying a house or a flat among my cohort is a status symbol- it is the ultimate sign of doing well. I hate that snowflake thing, I come from an area where we had it harder than most. I dont care about "owning" a house, the capital gains and the money you get from it and talking about how much its worth. The gold standard for us is the knowledge to know we aren't getting kicked out with 2 months notice if your lucky and to be honest if it wasn't for sh*t landlords, a lot of us wouldn't even want to buy anyway. I have a family member, inherited ex council right to buy house that i spent a lot of time in as a child. Now being rented out for years, on top of the other 2 houses they have. Pissing off to Spain soon funded by another people farm, haven't seen them in years and doubt i will until there's another inheritance to collect in a few years. Although i don't think ones one coming- that's why the very ill and elderly family member hasn't been visited in about 5 years. Luckily I handle everything for them as a decent relative should. There's about 40 years between us max in age, yet one of us has 3 houses, the other has 0 and isn't likely to ever have one. And no, they are not a skilled worker in the slightest before anyone says that. Call us snowflakes if you want to believe the daily mail stories, but we get up each morning and go to work. Some of us work sh*t jobs, some of us work 3 different crap jobs and some of us work "better" jobs. Truth is, locking us out is just giving us different values and allowing us to see just how uninterested in taking out huge loan for most of our lives we are. And i'll clarify, Avocados cost 60p, most of ride bikes because cars are a pain in the **** anyway. Phones are cheap, cant get a job without a SMART phone OR a laptop these days (a friend was laughed at by the job center rep when they turned up without one). Fast learning debt slavery is not the be all and end all I feel so much better in life, everyone else can keep patting themselves on the back for how well they did.
  8. They will be truly fuxed when we just give up on buying entirely. Having zero chance of something gives you a very different perspective on it
  9. What's wrong with a 2 bed ex council house? Couldn't you sell it while it's still worth more than it will be when proves are correct or sell it? Rather than hoard a house you don't need
  10. Absolutely spot on! Let's see some action, I'm a member of a renters union in Bristol and am very happy to hear about organised action. Organisation and effort is key- go for it guys!
  11. No we don't need to incentivise anymore people buying more houses than they need. Isn't the rent and profit enough, I don't get bonuses for doing my job I get them for going above what's expected of me in my contract- something landlords don't seem to understand
  12. The woman is vile, pure luck on her end and was in the right place at the right time and inherited the right amount of money. Although good news she is mortgage free for her tenants at least. The comments are hilarious though so thank you - "my family own 55 houses", "walked 3 miles to the train station each morning" isn't exactly the world's longest commute, how about getting a bike? Some people are such martyrs
  13. I think (and I don't know too much but it seems sensible) production is what's needed to create wealth, however not cheap shoes and clothes and electronics mainly made from plastic. These are all coming from a finite resource, and the whole basis of growth based, production based economy cannot go on forever for obvious reasons. We should be ploughing everything into renewable energy, recycled based goods. Isn't there going to be a huge market for it at some point. Moving away from oil dependence would have massive benefits won't it? Ecologically and economically. I know it's a massive thing to start but it just seems to make sense to me. Then wealth can be created, and sustained.
  14. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today @Locke
  15. I'm a member of the bristol Acorn group, they have got some really great things done here and helped lots of people. They protested outside TSB regarding the clause in their but to let mortgages preventing people letting to tenants on benefits and by the end of the day had confirmation from TSB that the terms would be removed. I've seen them stop people being illegally evicted, force landlords to do repairs that are badly needed, and as you can imagine they give support and advice on lots of disputes for unfair deposit deductions and charges. Even in bristol alone there so many cases of people being completely done over by landlords and agents. I think they are a really good organisation and they actually get things done so I'm glad they are getting some media coverage.
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