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  1. 5 minutes ago, nightowl said:

    Remember too a married couples IHT allowance is £650K which means most folks in the UK wont be affected, and within the 7 years there is (I think still) tapering too, so if they die in 6 years 11 months time wont mean much of a tax bill.


    No tapering for first three years and then tapers 20% straight line thereafter so 80% of the tax bill in years 3-4 etc until 0% of the tax bill after 7 years. 

  2. 3 hours ago, scb said:

    Like nobody buys new cars because they devalue? Or clothes, that devalue? Or pays for gas, electric and other fuels because once used they're gone? Why are houses some sort of magical thing that has to keep going up in price?

    I'm willing to concede my figures may need tweaking a bit but ultimately higher inheritance tax will cause a drop in price of houses.

    Houses generally don't go up in price. It's the land it sits on with a certificate from the govt saying you can have a house on it that increases. 

  3. 40 minutes ago, frankvw said:

    Also, why should tax payers in Cornwall or Cumbria pay for HS2, DLR, etc? That is then used to inflate house prices for bankers and foreign investors in property speculation? People aren't as stupid as policy makers seem to think, even if it's just an unconscious, general angst about the environment around them. I think you will see people drop out in increasing numbers, given these circumstances, and the Tories are pretty much handing Corbyn the next election (any change will probably better than no change for increasing numbers going forward).

    Good post for the most part but......


  4. 16 hours ago, dugsbody said:

    People have been saying this for... well, basically forever. Occasionally they're proved correct because of the stopped clock effect. 

    What makes you think there is a recession dead ahead at the moment? And when? If it is 10 years dead ahead, people might as well get on with their lives. 

    Careful dugsbody - employing common sense on here generates complaints enough to get every post you make reviewed by the mods. 

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