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  1. They estimate they will be an enormous 1.25% by 2020. My goodness. The humanity.
  2. Correct. No tapering for first three years and then tapers 20% straight line thereafter so 80% of the tax bill in years 3-4 etc until 0% of the tax bill after 7 years.
  3. Houses generally don't go up in price. It's the land it sits on with a certificate from the govt saying you can have a house on it that increases.
  4. Good post for the most part but...... https://blog.ons.gov.uk/2017/06/12/the-wealth-of-regions-measuring-the-uks-tax-and-spending-imbalance/
  5. Careful dugsbody - employing common sense on here generates complaints enough to get every post you make reviewed by the mods.
  6. Has Dianne Abbott been moonlighting north of the border?
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