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  1. They're going into autumn there and they're focussing on the double jab 3 weeks apart IIRC. Only a third of their population has the first jab and less than that will have the full immunity by now. I guess another issue is distribution. They might be high vaccination rates in the city an easy to access places but out in the mines and farming villages it my be slower and spreading more easily there. In terms of lockdown over here I think unlikely in terms of a full lockdown but I think we should expect some restrictions flexing over the next couple of years.
  2. Exactly. Oh if I had a pound....... I'd not have a mortgage. . Nobody has a crystal ball so only time will tell but only an idiot would claim to be able to time the market. I got told the same in 2017. I acknowledged I wasn't buying at the bottom of the market or at the best time in the last 15 years but at the right time for me. Jolly well glad I did. I could afford to buy my house again today but I'd have missed 4 years of repayments and have a much bigger mortgage. Silver bullet would be to keep borrowing costs ultra low AND dampen house prices. Difficult though as house prices are a local market and monetary policy national, arguably international. One thing that troubles me is the notion that a huge chunk of the blame lies with BTL (I don't challenge this) but then people are saying they'd rather rent than buy, and continue to support one of the key problems with the housing market. Anyway, what do I know......
  3. Yep, another one here: https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/16-all-saints-road/shildon/dl4-2ju/6900490/ Hopefully lots of IO BTL clowns still with blistered fingers.
  4. Best advice I ever had "do what you love or get paid" and then I add "retire and do what you love". One thing I'd add to that is if you turn a passion into a job you can soon lose the passion so that's why I justified going after something I thought I'd find more interesting but certainly well paid, bit of a challenge and enable me to perhaps indulge this hobby (need to be earning £££ to have a decent garden these days!).
  5. Where to start GFC (not really global but UK and USA financial crisis with a European debt crisis on the back of it) should have been allowed to burn through the investment banks. People depositing money in Iceland should've lost it. House prices should have been allowed to correct for sure. The bubble Labour blew from 1997 through to 2008 should've burst and we'd all be all the richer for it! Mining - interesting one this. You know more mines closed under Labour than Conservatives? The reason they were closed is actually because the National Coal Board (thanks again Labour!) refused to modernise and invest and stay competitive. A pleasant consequence is now cheaper and cleaner energy which benefits everyone.
  6. This from a newspaper that has asset sof over £1B and claimed furlough money for its staff. Amazing.
  7. I think there is a general issue with people not addressing the consequence and cost of their own actions. I don't know what predatory banks have to do with contraception? A job is poorly paid if the person doing that job adds little or no marginal value OR there are more people prepared to do that job than there are vacancies. What should someone get paid for doing 'a job'? What is the minimum 'a job' can be? All things being equal I'd like to be a gardener but the pay is awful so I'm a chartered accountant instead.
  8. Agree - if you mandate you close businesses and stay at home then you'll only get compliance if you support people through that. What I do enjoy though are the people who worked the minimum and then put a lot of cash business through only got support as a function of their tax returns and now we should be equalising taxes between PAYE and self employed AND business owners. Further, the recovery should be much better given a lot of jobs have been put on ice and those skills and that knowledge is ready to hit the ground running as soon as things return to normal. I'd expect a stronger recovery in the UK than the EU simply because of this. Best of all wages shouldn't be impacted adversely since people are not outcompeting others for jobs.
  9. Thatcher saw this coming and sold off the council houses so they're someone else's problem. Realistically anything like this takes votes away. Expect great big fat grants/subsidies for these schemes. I'm actually moving to get my boiler replaced ahead of the building work I hope to start in a year or two just to avoid this nonsense.
  10. Just around the corner from that shot: It's not High street Kensington, but it's not that bad either! We had an office there I'd occasionally work from. Worked well as clients could fly in and out easily - and vice versa. That old Churchill quote about the landowner doing nothing at all but benefitting from all investments and improvement sin infrastructure and the surrounds rings true. People are close by for easy access to travel and on the back of that is a huge ait industry supporting the airport. Anecdotally I once had a tour of Heathrow (air side) and it is unbelievably vast. It employs more people than live in my home town and while there's plenty of lower skilled work they tend to be unionised for better wages. Of course the engineers and pilots, finance guys etc are all on better money too.
  11. Just reading that inflation is coming in lower than expected despite higher fuel and energy costs. Still thinking we'll see NIRP. If not I don't think rates will increase this year. I've gone 0-2.5
  12. Same here (excluding BitCoin obviously ). Not that I had much of a commute previously and actually seriously considering selling my car since prices seem crazy for second hand motors... anyway with nowhere to go I worked longer hours than usual and with some good fortune a role opened up for me giving me a decent hike in salary. I feel awkward talking about it in some ways because my other half has spent several periods searching for work/contracts etc throughout the last year so it's been bitter sweet. Bottom line I've been lucky and had a nice pandemic.
  13. Haha, true. I think you can just drive over a border though and into another state..... for now.
  14. It's sad but true. I was looking at the deeds earlier. The plot of land my house is built on was sold for £200 in 1958. the plot is 160ft long and 40ft wide and on the edge of a decent market town in the S.E. I'd estimate it's worth £500K right now (I think only BitCoin is more insane!). I learned after 2013 they simply wont allow it to happen. Sure one day they wont be able to stop it but until then you're basically supporting the government AND BTL if you carry on renting. Alternatives are available of course. Wishing and praying for a new paradigm wont generate one, though I do feel general trends got accelerated with Covid, lockdowns, remote working etc but it only accelerated what was happening and wont be a snap change in attitudes. Those that moved out of the cities will soon realise the countryside is very quiet and pretty grim without an established circle of friends to play with nearby.
  15. Love that phrase I also regret that. I had a girlfriend who did (in London) and we basically fell out and broke up in the end partly because of it (mostly her being in London and I was not a fan). I will purchase again - possibly not sell and rent it out while I go on my travels.
  16. Agree with this. Part of the reason is the feedback loop of recession causing baby booms which (18 years later) cause unemployment to start to rise when the bulge comes down the pipe and people fear a recession, tighten up on spending and presto you get a recession. Used to also be impacted by the solar cycle and I guess to an extent that's still a little true, or climate at least and food prices etc. Every now and the you get a spring tide. Anecdotally I've had 2026-ish in my head as the definite date I want to be finished with this current house project and sold. Maybe a cheeky career break and drive around Europe in a big van or something. To stay on topic then is how the madness will end for me at least
  17. Gold was not in a bubble in Weimar Germany, all assets were appreciating relative to the curerncy. So in comparision it was hyper inflation and not a bubble. Comparing that to the position today you have an imaginary asset called BitCoin that has no yield, solves no problems and generates zero income and Tesla which (as I have pointed out previously) is so outstanding overvalued it will be talked about for several years. Other items are relatively stable compared to the USD/EUR/GBP. In summayr then: Weimar repulic gold went up because they had hyper inflation Tesla and BitCoin went up with normal inflation because people thought it would be worth more tomorrow than it would be today. Bubbly bubbly.
  18. haha, yes this is true, or was true for some. There's several types of student loan now. I recall being very angry about having to pay £1,200/year for tuition. Today I wouldn't bother going. Sadly they do. Many also seem to be the type to not pay for anything else either. I find it shocking that 1 in 3 kids are raised in 'poverty' in the UK. The definition of poverty is a bit dumb though but there we are.
  19. They generally do provided they're still gaining experience and able to apply that. I think the difference between tenure and experience in some departments is negligible.
  20. I think the tax rates are the same but split over two years and so you enjoy double the tax free allowance . I like your style. I actually worked in property while at uni and bought a fast-ish car (not really a sports car though) and enjoyed a few nice holidays. Good times! System is bent for sure and we've all been saying it for years on this site. Give 40, or 50 year mortgages and all that'll happen is those at the margins will borrow those extra few K to outbid the prudent and boom, prices jump.
  21. Got to spend four years at Uni (sandwich course with a year working in industry for buttons AND paying half fees!!). It's genuinely a wonder people have kids these days given it'll mean you're unable to afford a decent home AND will be working for years longer to pay for what you can afford.
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