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  1. Ok I agree it has not been a good investment for share holders. But what I meant, was in reply to Prozacs comment about should he remove his money from the bank! I think we are a long way from that and I do think the media have talked up what happened today. The bad news really came out in January when they owned up to the error, and that was when the SP really dropped. Today is just the repercussions of it. I do not own shares in Metro.
  2. Dont know, and my point above is that he is not doing any software. It sounds more like lego to me, plug this in to that... I guess data is the new mega industry, and any job in it is going to pay well regardless of what you are doing. I would be tempted to change industries but I dont have it in me to work in a company any more.
  3. I think its a bit of a nothing story. Yes they messed up and share price dropped in March, but it has stayed pretty static from then. Its not dropped much today, now the story has broke, and Lloyds reported less than expected results today also. I have a bank account with Metro, and I am not worried and in any case you would be protected by the FSA.
  4. Yes just to echo my thoughts again, there is a big drive for software in many sectors, but it is possible to work in the wrong type of software! I do embedded C software and there has not been much change in the industry over the last 10 years. Consequently this is why I believe that wages have not increased during that time. Quite the inverse, many people have entered the market place, we have a lot of people from all over the world here able to 'write software'. Then we have a lot of companies based around the world able to sell 'software products'. I get the feeling from the discussion in this thread that most other people are talking about higher level software such as applications and infrastructure for institutions ect. But let me repeat, if you are working on circuit boards often used in these bigger products and services, there is not as much demand as you would think, due to globalisation. As was pointed out above, there is virtually no career progression either. You just produce software and are directed by other less competent people what and when to do. They may change your title, but nothing else changes. Want more money, get another job. You should expect to be made redundant in 50% of your jobs when the great idea does or doesn't work out. Conversely, a friend of mine, who works at a data center sees his money and career go up and up nearly every 6 months. I am not sure, I will have to politely ask him, but Im not sure he studied and gained qualifications for his job either. I looked at a job description for one of these places, and I had not heard of any of the buzz words in the spec! I cant work this thread out, it started with everybody like, oh yeah I got a rise, and now people are saying companies wont invest in people. Which one is it? I fall in to the second camp. Over my career I have noticed that people seem to drift away from Software engineering in their 40's. From my experience, there are not many older coders, Now I know why. Cant wait to get out myself. I am using my Ltd company to save up enough to buy a 'self employed working class job probably involving a transit van'
  5. I do not think that wages have gone up in my industry (Electronics) in the last 5 years at all. Just took a call from a recruiter, and this is not the first time recently the situation I am describing has been put before me, the client wants a very high skill set, with a few very in demand skills at the moment, the client is in the ar** end of nowhere - not even in a traditional technology part of the UK!, so the gig would require a travel lodge, After explaining that I have a family and was not interested, the guy tells me its paying a really good rate. How much I inquired, the amount he said was just normal money, for the normal skill set, not the advanced stuff the client was looking for. Same money everybody is on, round here without paying for a travel lodge, eating junk food and straining personal relationships I add. If I was advising the client I would add another 25% on to the hourly rate and get somebody decent, but doubtless they will fill the role, because there are so many people from all over the world, working in this country, happy (or know no better) and are driving down wages. A lot of non UK workers I know, that I work with, would take that job for the experience and the CV it would give them. I cant blame them. I do blame the client, for offering peanuts. Then I hear of other jobs where they took someone, and they were no good, or left half way through project (probably for more money somewhere else). Cant these companies really not see it coming. You get what you pay for. All I could do to increase my take home, was reduce my PAYE from April, to £12500 as Ltd company, so a pay cut. LOL Any spare money I get is put towards FIRE.
  6. I read the article, because I wondered how they new this? Explanation, It is the findings from their 'research'. I am still not convinced. How would this company of insolvency practitioners be able to put a number or percentage on something, so wooly as 'significant financial distress' Flipping this round, the insolvency practitioners are so not busy, they had time to do some pointless research?
  7. I sold my house with House Network in 2009. The whole point of these operations is that you are paying the minimum fee, for the minimum service. They wont contact you unless someone wants to view. If the seller was not being contacted, it was because nobody was interested, maybe priced too high. Back in 2009, I think I paid £850 all in. I think I took my own photo's got it on Right move and sold fairly quickly. However was a long time ago. I would still consider this type of selling next time, however since I now live in a village, with a local EA, and an unusual house (in an unusual state of disrepair), I might benefit from some local knowledge / contacts next time. I did wonder from time to time, what happened to House Network. I cant see why the business model would fail really, maybe PB became the dominant player. Maybe there is only room for one such operation in the market space. A bit like Ebay for example.
  8. Totally agree. Their greed has ruined the site. They want to be an amazon, rather than a market place for second hand goods. Seems little cheaper for Chinese VAT fraud items compared to Amazon though. I was clearing out some stuff the other day, had a brand new fish tank pump in box. Looked it up on Ebay, hmm £10 pounds it could sell for. In the bin it went. Not working for less than minimum wage and being judged for how much I prioritized sending it immediately, despite having a full time job, and being told how much I can charge to ship it, when my costs vary. Then the risk of whether the buyer just decides he wants a refund. I hope they do go bankrupt, they really deserve it.
  9. I think the vested interest here is the excuse to include a link to photo's of all the 52 miss great Britain contestants, blatant click bait. As for buying a 100k house, when they both sound self employed, cant have 3 years of accounts due to age, will need cash to buy at auction. I think its just a pipe dream, as would wining miss great britain also be for the young lady.
  10. 70 Ukip MEP candidates to be announced on FRiday.
  11. I am not so sure. As I cited, the Newport by-election didnt reflect this (Labour still won), and also the Brexit party is not a party yet. It doesnt have any candidates or manifesto. I really think it should have made some progress since its 'launch'. I think there will be a lot of mud slinging between Ukip and the brexit party and the vote will be split, which will help the mainstream parties. If they want to get any MPs in parliament in the next GE, then they need to merge, which I cannot see happening. It is going to be difficult for any new party, to have a coherent presence in parliament, as they dont really have safe seets to get the key people in. They could end up with 1 or 2 MPs, not especially prominent, and I cant see that making a difference. The country will not be able to get behind a single party on either side.
  12. I have no idea. I expect most people are outraged, but how will that translate at the ballot box. We dont even know if there will be elections yet, and I wouldn't put it past the government (or EU) to stoop to another low, if they feel genuinely threatened by public feeling. The conservatives and labour got a good share of the votes in the Newport by-election. I was hoping the conservatives would come third, but they *still* have enough support to be second place. Makes you wonder how far things would have to unravel for their support to really drop. Unless you want to make a protest vote, does the EU election actually matter. I think not.
  13. It is a pity that the Brexit outrage vote will be split across 2 parties. Having listened very carefully to a lot of both Batten and Farage, I think UKIP candidates will make better MEP's. The reason I say this is because with Ukip, they have anticipated the elections and already selected and screened their candidates, from people who have been members of the party. In an interview on LBC, Batten stated this, and also went on to say that Farage currently didnt really have a party (no memebrs), and no candidates. Although he had invited people to pay to be considered as a candidate. I think its more of an opportunity for self serving people after expenses, or people seeking notoriety to go with Farage. You could say its a moot point because the UKIP MEP's will be instructed to vote against everything the EU does and just obstruct it, but I feel that would happily represent me. And at least they have publicly stated this, so you know what you are getting if you vote for them. Not so sure about Nigels possee, yet to be assembled. What we dont want is more fuel for the f'ing Gaurdian continuing their campaign against people standing up for this cause, and digging in to their backgrounds and discrediting them for stuff that both parties should have discovered when selecting them. To be fair, also some of these people the Gaurdian claims are far right, have 100's of thousands of follwers on Youtube, , so I dont view them as a minority. The Gaurdian are responsible for both the other 2 senior (leaders?) of the Brexit party being dismissed for stuff they said years ago. Well done, at keeping your democracy safe Gaurds. As I said I think it is a real pity that Nigel has split the vote, and done a lot of damage to power of a cause that really he started. Had he stayed with Ukip, the poll above, would be 70% for Him and Batten, which is a message that needs to be sent. He said he had to leave due to the direction of UKIP regarding Islam. Yet both his cronies in his party have now been dismissed for anti islam social media posts. Shot himself in the foot. Stick to being a celeb I think. The interview with Batten I was talking about was on LBC where he was interviewed by leftie blinkered idiot, Matt Frei. Which is now all over Youtube and on UKIPS official channel. I will currently vote UKIP in every election.
  14. Where i live is alright. Pretty neutral. Good points (for me) not near any town or city, so no traffic jams, no interference from the state, have larger house for the money as its not in a desirable place or condition. Down side, cleeky circle of village folk, which I am not part off (or want to be part of). 500+ new homes putting a strain on what little was here. 15 mins drive to shops. I guess relevant to this forum, although I am lucky enough to have a mortgage on a house, its not been easy. The house was derelict when I bought it 10 years ago. There are still big issues with it that I cant afford to put right. I didn't have a proper kitchen for the first 5 years. I still have no carpets or furniture in some parts of the house. In that time my priorities have changed, and I have little enthusiasm for finishing off the 'project'. I dislike the inside, it is embarrassing when people see it and improving and fixing it it is a real burden, that zaps away a lot of my spare time. I wont take on debt to solve the problem, so although its a s hole, I own about 3/4 of it now. Interesting question, but I think its human nature to want more than you have.
  15. And the winner is JKL of wakefield, owing 22 million. Is this like some alternative Sunday times rich list?
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