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  1. Govt deficit eliminated. does that mean the housing market CRASH is cancelled ?
  2. YES ...this is the REAL truth ....no matter how they try to distort the figure...
  3. interesting.... if you do a search on john casey, this is what he predicted to start again from 2016 and it was cold last winter - as for global warming a load of tosh!
  4. EXACTLY ...bring it on, I'd like to see a 0.25% hick EVERY month....those of us here who can remember what happened in the late 1980's ....many increases and IR at 17% .....these sheeple who bought in the last few years will be shocked whats coming
  5. IR raises are coming...if they raise in March ....property is TOAST! ..with FULL on CRASH starting early!
  6. WHAT? So all the sheeple who bought at historic LOWEST ever IR ....lets say for augments sake they have mortgage rate of 1.5% when IR go up to 3% ...they are F&**%@! 3% is verrrrry easy to happen over the next couple of years....AND that my friend is DOUBLE repayments! poor saps! HOW MANY WOULD THEN ...hand the keys back??????????? THE CRASH is coming within the next 2 years for SURE
  7. YEP, game on inflation figs in US came in higher yesterday, which means IR hikes for sure,......UK will hike as it ALWAYS follow US IR.....only sheeple will be buying now
  8. agree, just more BS....expect more BS in the spring because of last autumns free stamp duty for ftb, this is the last prop b4 in all goes to pear-shaped...& CRASHES! anyway lets wait for the "counts" comment he'll be here shortly...
  9. Right now has the same vibe/news of 1988/89..... I believe 2018 will be worse than 2017 for a downward trend in prices, however 2019 will be just be like the....1990 MEGA CRASH! Folks fasten ya seat belts!
  10. lol haha ....oh these "poor people" are the ones i overhear at the bar of my local every friday night bragging about how much their house has gone up.....em funny when increasing IR were mentioned recently these same "poor people" seemed to have dry throats now....
  11. Couldn't of said it better myself .....sums up UK to a 'T'
  12. BEST NEWS of the year so far....Lovely juuuuberly!
  13. Hello all, This post sums me up, only difference is i was about to buy in the SW now as can't afford in SE, however 220K for a semi in Gloucester is still crazy money.....and I'm getting the feeling/vibes that things are going to implode, it may stagnate in 2018, but I'm sure 2019 we'll finally see what we've all been waiting for a repeat of the 1990 CRASH!
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