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  1. Haha, yes got there in the end. I was putting spaces between letters when i shouldnt. So is this a temporary thing or will it be permanent?
  2. Thats about what i was hoping for so its nice to here a second oppinion. I just hope the government/banks dont make it hard to move cash out of savings and into things like gold. Do you think that paper gold could become a bubble, as far as im aware its just an IOU with nothing to back it up.
  3. So as precious metals go up how long do we see this happening before the economy gets back on track?
  4. I work in engineering and there are a lot of companies purchasing expensive items that will increase their productivity, millions of pounds worth infact. There could be a number of reasons (rising wages, migrants going home e.t.c) but the majority "think" that the market has turned a corner and to be fair to them the order books are filling up.
  5. Im convinced that a reflation cycle is on the way, alot of companies are certainly investing for one. Do you still see a downturn coming before the reflation cycle and if so why?
  6. So your thinking buy gold/silver first, then sell when the prices have slowed and the stock market has picked up move over to shares?
  7. Heres a question that i dont think has been asked before, now that the bust seems to be getting underway how long do you think it will take until the reflation part of the cycle starts to kick in? Im really hoping to make the most of it, i have sold all my assests (except for a few pieces of gold and silver) so i have quite a bit of cash, certainly more that i would like to lose.
  8. Well thats carpetright and mothercare on their way down. I think it would be fair to say we are seeing the beginning of the downturn.
  9. I see new look are closing stores and laying off staff, not long now until it pops aswell.
  10. Interesting read https://www.spectator.co.uk/2018/02/this-is-the-stock-market-crash-we-needed/
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