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  1. This. This is the approach. I blame the lefts hatred of the natural order. There is a natural form of population control in all species. Starvation. I have a theory that the more you subsidise something, the more you encourage it. Stop the welfare gravy train, Stop subsidizing single parent mothers. Stop the aid to starving countries where people are having 10 kids. We have a situation where humanity is actually regressing because reasonable people have 2 kids and then subsidize retarded people so they can have 10. Let nature take its course. How hard would it b
  2. Why would I want to reduce my days? I want to increase my hours. Bloody mortgage rules where I cant borrow 270k because I cant "afford" to repay it because I don't earn 60k. Yet my rent costs the same as the mortgage payments. ARGHHHH.
  3. What I don't understand is why anybody would incorporate the actual buildings themselves? Just setup a "Management Company" - Let to the "Management company" for the monthly interest costs only, then the company sublets. Then there is no personal tax to pay only corporate tax on the profits the management company makes, but you get to keep the assets in your name??? This totally avoids the change of ownership, while allowing the company to pay tax on the profits instead of the individual. Am I missing something??? This is the kind of crap google and co. are doing.
  4. Yea they are called HMOs and studio flats and they used to be for students to get a feel for living away from mum and dad. Not for filling full of Romanians or couples working 2 jobs just to pay the rent on a single room. The immigration system and welfare system are the problem. The young people have been totally demoralised into voting against their own personal interests. its crazy. Costa coffee used to be full of college kids who wanted part time work. Now its full of EU citizens. all the entry level and unskilled part time jobs our kids used to do are now being done by adults wh
  5. So why don't we remove the money from the equation and just give them "Energy cards" and "Food Cards" that allow them to buy Tesco value goods and pay their energy costs directly. Remove all the money from the equation, you know, so they don't spend it on the latest iPhone. and WHY do unemployed people need to be housed in London? Nobody can ever explain to me why unemployed people need to be housed in the most expensive most densely populated city in the UK? Pensions account for 110million / year . Benefits account for 150Million. The data is all available on the ONS and gov.uk webs
  6. The British barely have replacement birth rates. If Britain contained only British for the last 50 years every 2 parents would leave an average of 2 children their inheritance. Wealth inequality would not be a thing. House prices would remain stable or even decrease as the population stayed the same but houses continued to be built. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36271390 The official net migration figures are over 2million every 5 years. The houses built are
  7. This is a big part of the problem. Until the government realises that subsidizing single parent mothers creates more of them, its a road to nowhere. My advice is to never get married, get your girlfriend up the duff, don't go on the birth certificate and get her on the Universal Credit gravy train. She never has to work again spending 100% time with your kids and all of your rent is 100% paid. Get your tax money's worth however you need to, play the broken game too until they fix it mate. ---------- The people worrying about AI don't seem to realise that any broadcast
  8. "Ciizens income" lol. You mean taking the total sum of benefits / welfare paid out and rather than dividing that by the number of welfare recipients. Divide it by the total population? You think this will make the gap between rich and poor go smaller? lol the scroungers pushing Citizens income are the turkeys voting for Christmas. As a 40% taxpayer I say bring it on. scrap all the welfare and do the citizens income. give less to the single parent mother of 5 and give more to me. It wont make the gap between rich and poor get smaller, but it will sure as hell make thing
  9. It sounds almost like the problem is migration. It sounds almost as if the problem is the increasing population and nothing to do with landlords but the increasing competition for housing. We like to pretend that if BTL disappeared that somehow it would change the fundamental dynamic of "who wants it more pays more" regardless of what it is and what they intend to do with it. hmmm.
  10. So 22.. Hmmm. So he's only had 4 years and he's got 3 ... hmmm. Kinda doesn't fit the narrative of all the "its been impossible since 2012 because of HPI" people. Something tells me that this 22 year old is going to be fine no matter what happens. Doesn't have the victim mind set. A winner.
  11. That's a really nice post. I can understand your position a lot better. I may be going a bit off topic here: I just don't know if I agree with the concept of "entrenched inequality" in a world where everyone dies. Even if a guy was to end up with all the property in the UK, when he reproduces with a stranger he has now essentially shared that wealth with someone outside of his family tree and also his child. The very nature of reproduction means that every persons wealth is split up among the populace over and over again. Personal wealth is always divided down. By the state at d
  12. The price of everything changes based on supply and demand. Food, water, housing, electronics, Cars. I can't think of anything that isn't constrained by Earths finite resources and rising population. It sounds almost as if your making a MORAL argument about housing. When everything is in limited supply, literally EVERYTHING. Which is really weird when you think about it because you guys are the ones claiming and hoping prices can fluctuate downwards while complaining about it only ever going Upwards. It just seems to me people are trying to make it into a question of
  13. Dude we are all strangers on the internet. You don't need to deflect from the fact you were absolutely wrong in your definition of fraud. You incorrectly believed "intentionally breaking terms and conditions" constitutes fraud, not recognising that breaking any contract is not fraud if all parties are informed. That is literally the purpose of the consent to let form. to request to intentionally break the original mortgage agreement. They don't even actually need to agree to the consent to let, just the function of informing them of a material change covers your **** from accusations of fraud,
  14. What paperwork? What agreement? With what lender? What breach? What terms and conditions? What are you talking about? Fraud requires deception, its a literally prerequisite, its in the literal definition of the word. An informed party cannot be subject to fraud, hell even breaching a contract does not constitute fraud if the other party is informed. Put the bong down Mr internet solicitor and go outside for a bit, some fresh air will do you good. I'm sorry I know I shouldn't be rude, but, that comment with the double "Yep" to yourself is the craziest thing I've ever read on here, lol.
  15. Capital appreciation is irrelevant. because the price of everything is constantly changing. The price of my jeans goes down, the price of my house goes up, the price of gold gone up, the price of electronics going down. Nobody forces anybody to invest in particular things and the price of everything fluctuates, but it is all purchased with your or your kin's time (labour) which also happens to have no fixed value either. You could say the value in pounds has changed, but the amount of time your family spent working to pay for each thing is fixed, therefore taking any part of it is taking some
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