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  1. Money comes from the printing press, as it has done for quite some time. Three ways you get new money into an economy, 1) Trade surplus (we have a huge deficit) 2) Private borrowing (maxed out) 3) Government borrowing (Tories reduced it with austerity). Result low growth.
  2. No they aren't. No one thinks this 'deal' is anything more than a complete sell out. Its an idiotic give away of sovereignty. May will be gone within a couple of weeks. This deal is dead.
  3. As long as you build yachts in Monaco.
  4. Blair was a neoliberal. May is also a neoliberal. Neoliberalism is that doctrine that you put the interests of capital first. So you privatise public services if capital can make a profit. You 'deregulate' to allow large firms to kill off competition. You fight war to increase corporate profits. You work with similarly minded people in the media to help form opinions. You increase immigration to lower wages You add some political correctness to soften the pill. No point arguing over Blair vs May - they are cut from similar cloth. Corbyn most definitely isn't. This EU 'deal' is yet another neoliberal stitch up to protect corporate interests. The Tory party is mostly funded by just 65 major donors. We are paying to be a vassal state.
  5. I'm not so sure that the deal will get through Parliament. May has too many enemies now - and her threat that voting this down means crashing out is a hollow one. Labour know that they can get enough support from remain Tories to stop a no deal outcome. With May stuck in limbo with a voted down deal what does she do next ? Try to crash out ? Political suicide for the Tories when the job cuts roll in. Stay in power with no deal ? Again political suicide having her plan blown out of the water. Labour have a far better chance of getting a deal from the EU - unlike the Tories they aren't hell bent on setting up a feudal 14th century kingdom based on slave labour.
  6. Funniest comment I read was from Littlejohn after May compared herself to the England batsman Geoffrey Boycott. As he pointed out - Boycott was hated as much by his own side as the opposition, and ended his first class career by being run out by one of his team mates!
  7. Reading the rather pathetic Remoaner arguments on here reminds me why I voted for Brexit. I don't want to be in the EU and I'm quite happy to be worse off, in the short term. If you don't like it clear off and live in France. It is quite clear that the EU is about binding nations into a super state - which has zero credible democratic control. Its also a stitch up for a neoliberal model that will have populations enslaved to ever greater corporate power with no chance of rolling it back through the ballot box. The present level of immigration is utterly unsustainable - and its only fallen because of Brexit - so attempting to argue it doesn't matter any more is simply foolish. If we stay in the EU it will go back up. So where are you going to build 300,000 new homes a year in the UK ? No remainer has ever explained how that can be done - because they can't. Most remainers are in London - and have no idea how the high levels of immigration have affected the rest of the country. Well get this - London is not the UK - and we're fed up with being dictated to by a moaning bunch of whingers who have had many times more public money spent on them than the rest of the country. If you don't like Brexit move to France and take your banker city boys with you ! Stay in the EU and future generations will be in competition for housing with workers who come from economies with a lower standard of living who will ALWAYS undercut our wages, always put pressure on housing and services, and will always leave our public services broken and over stretched.
  8. Economist Steve Keen predicted that austerity leads to higher private debt. Essentially its the only source of new money once government spending drops and you have a balance of payments deficit. Years of neoliberalism is about to completely destroy the economy. I suspect a wave of defaults from the introduction of universal credit coupled with a run on the pound will destroy whatever misplaced faith people have in Tory neoliberal trickle up economics. Nothing has been learnt from 2007, and the same greedy vested interests have bet the wider economy on the never ending rise of house prices. Unfortunately pursuing a set of policies that's given us the lowest wage growth in 150 years and this huge rise in private debt - has made the debts harder to repay. Its absolutely inevitable now that mass defaults will occur. At some point the Tories will have to defend the pound with interest rate rises - and its game over politically for a generation.
  9. The Tories do seem to be on self destruct mode at the moment. Their core vote seems to be left to the very rich and Sun readers.
  10. I can see it getting rapidly a lot worse as universal credit is rolled out. Plenty of evidence homelessness is on the rise as a result. The flip side is landlords in arrears.
  11. As Steve Keen pointed out its private debt that's the problem for the economy - far more so than Government debt. Classic bubble display on behaviour over the last few years. Speculative bubble, stagnation, next phase crash. Especially if Brexit causes interest rate rises at any point. Even without that we have large numbers of people with little or no pay rise and inflation to cope with. Debts will become harder to service. Savings have already been plundered (lowest since 1970's.) and there are warnings that up to 1 million could be facing eviction. This is entirely the fault of neoliberal economics and the greedy boneheads that have promoted it - despite a barrage of empirical evidence from the majority of academic economists that it wouldn't work. They have a balance of trade deficit, cut backs on government spending and public sector wages, and a hugely over indebted population with few savings - and thanks to Brexit inflation. So no new money into the economy from any of the tree sources it can come from. Its inevitable that there will be another recession - and this one is caused by neoliberals from Blair to May.
  12. The 70's were not as bad as now for many people. Had it not been for the oil price rise we'd have done pretty well under Labour. It was the most equal in terms of pay, you could retire early, uni education was free, the health service was properly funded. It hilarious hearing 'it'll be terrible under commie Corbyn' Tory chants. You muppets need to get out more. It already IS terrible for a large proportion of the population. Corbyn is not a communist - nor are his policies communist. Please give it a rest - if that's the best pro Tory argument you can put forward its frankly pathetic. What do we have now ? A massive ponzi house price bubble fuelled by Blairite and Tory neoliberals about to go bust. Our state assets plundered and sold off on the cheap to off shore tax dodging billionaires. The NHS, police and fire service in crisis. Terrorist attacks with too few police to cope. A million people using food banks, the worst balance of trade deficit since about 1650, and private debt at 170% of GDP (its only been historically sustainable at 70%). No plan, no vision and no future. Bloody hell can you lot voting Tory not wake up ?
  13. sikejsudjek

    Who are you most likely to vote for in the GE?

    Their cut backs led to the death of one of my relatives so I'll never vote Tory. They can go to hell (and probably will). Wrecking the NHS to give a corporation tax cut just shows how vicious and out of touch these morons are. If they can't sell it off to their tax dodging mates they aren't interested. The evidence is that the Tories borrow more and repay less. This may fly in the face of the right wing propaganda - but its the truth. http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2016/03/13/the-conservatives-have-been-the-biggest-borrowers-over-the-last-70-years/
  14. Its pretty obvious with the demand for 100 billion euro's up front before trade negotiations, that we'd be better off walking away and trading under WTO rules. Lets see how the Germans feel about Junker and co. when their car plants start closing down.
  15. No it doesn't. We get to decide. Anyone would think that without a 'trade deal' you can't sell anything to them. Not so. This is one of the daftest pro EU arguments that is repeated over and over again. We don't have a trade zone with the US. So what ? We don't need one with the EU - in fact after devaluation the tariffs will work in our favour. http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2017/01/27/post-brexit-trade-can-thrive-under-wto-rules/ http://www.arbuthnotgroup.com/upload/marketmatter/documents/16th_january_2017.pdf In the absence of any agreement with the EU, imports from the EU will raise £12.9bn for the Treasury in duties, whilst UK exporters will face £5.2bn in total in tariffs on their exports to the EU. WTO rules on subsidies provide sufficient flexibility for the Government to implement “horizontal” programmes to mitigate the impact of tariffs. Such programmes are economy-wide measures which are not specific to any identifiable industry, and are not tied in principle or in practice to compensating for the exact cost of tariffs on exports.

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