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  1. Keir Starmer is taking Boris apart at every opportunity. Best quote Boris "I wish he would be less negative" - Starmer - 34,000 deaths is not being negative, I'll continue to ask questions..."! So no deaths in care homes in Hong Kong, 11,600 here. The fact that Tory voters are trying to justify that over on the BBC comments section shows how deluded they are. This is disgrace. Someone should be jailed for this.
  2. Not vitamin D3. Most people at the end of winter in northern hemisphere countries are deficient. You can't get enough from food. Has been linked with cancer, MS, and an increased rate of infections of respiratory illness and cytokine storm. You can't get enough sunlight from September to March in the UK to get D levels up to the recommended levels either. D3 is well absorbed. Most people are also magnesium deficient. Easily corrected with supplements. Heart problems are often linked to this deficiency. The ones that probably aren't worth taking are multivitamins. You need to know what you are deficient in, and that's something our medical system is not very good at diagnosing.
  3. Vitamin D does seem to help regulate the immune system. This may well reduce the cytokine storm that kills people with covid19. Plenty of scientific evidence for this in the flu. Its also interesting that the darker the skin the higher the death rate. That's probably vitamin D linked in the northern hemisphere. It might also explain the lower death rate in Scandi countries where they take D3 supplements. Vitamin D is more like a hormone, regulating thousands of processes in the body. Medcram on youtube came up with another theory that back in the 1918 epidemic, hydrotherepy was used to try to reduce pneumonia ie. hot and cold water to boost the innate immune response. What do we find in Finland? Low death and infection rates - and they often use saunas. So if you get it, you could try hot baths. The innate immune response is the critical first part of the immune system response and this gets less effective with age. The latest treatments being used in New York are using a combination of blood thinners, steroids, and high dose IV vitamin C. The theory is that the virus binds the ace2 receptors in red blood cells causing an imbalance leading to micro clots. The oxidative damage can be neutralised by high dose vitamin C, and steroids to damp down the inflammation. They've seen a big improvement in outcomes after adopting this protocol.
  4. About 5% are critical, 12% need hospital treatment. Once healthcare is overwhelmed the death rate shoots up. I'm not hopeful about the UK. Chickens coming home to roost. NHS doesn't have the right safety equipment, not enough staff, not enough beds, not enough ventilators, already running at 80% capacity. This is a shit storm waiting to happen. Attempting to go for 'herd immunity' is mass murder under these conditions. They are not even testing NHS staff - run out of test kits. One consultant writing in the Guardian is trying to get one from a mate in China.
  5. Even a rate of 2% of 80% of the population infected is over 1 million dead.
  6. The UK government has done feck all. Kept boarders open to save airline industry. FAILED Kept kids in school to keep workers in work. Will spread virus faster to adult population WILL FAIL Run down NHS to sell it off. Tens of thousands of nurses and doctors short. FAIL Refused to ban events soon enough. Some still going ahead.FAIL Refused to pay everyone sick pay. Low paid workers won't self isolate. FAIL No clear strategy to keep businesses afloat. FAIL Failed to buy enough ventilators when they could have seen from Wuhan the threat. 20,000 short of whats needed. FAIL These cretins have only one default - make money for our mates and sod the consequences. Homeless ? Let them die. Mentally ill ? Leave them on the streets. Disabled, rob them of benefits with bent assessments. Now its a badger cull on the population.
  7. Its typical of an exponential curve. The testing also lags the true infection rate by a couple of weeks. Too early to know where we will be in six weeks. My bet is deep trouble and a lockdown. The rate of increase is still accelerating, and although the numbers seem small, that can and does change rapidly as other countries have seen.
  8. They either print money to bailout the little people - or waste money in a futile effort to prop up shares. These are politicians who have spent their entire lives working at making the rich richer. Most do not understand its a debt based money system. The UK governments reluctance to give sick pay to the low paid is a case in point - they have ensured that millions of self employed and gig economy workers will continue to infect others because they can't afford to take time off. That will cost all of us a lot more in money and deaths than it will save.
  9. We don't know yet if this virus will be one or two phase. If its two and a cytokine storm is triggered it may well kill the young. This is what happened with the 1918 outbreak. The virus mutated, and this virus also now has two variants.
  10. England has a grand total of 15 EMCO beds. Intensive care is running almost at capacity as it is. Unlike the Chinese who built two hospitals in 10 days, we couldn't get past filling in a few forms in that time. China drafted in 10,000 staff from other provinces. We are tens of thousands of staff short. Welcome to Armageddon. Brought to you by austerity, stupidity, and neoliberalism. The governments failure to ensure sick pay and compulsory isolation to the low paid gig economy and self employed will ensure that isolation measures fail. We will have an epidemic within 2 months based on the trajectory of other countries.
  11. There's no doubt about it. We are up shit creek. Yesterday's WHO death rate was stated at 3.4%. Virologists are predicting up to 80% infected in one year. On that basis we are looking at 1.8 million deaths in the UK. When health care got overwhelmed in Wuhan the death rate was at least 4%. Our NHS is already overwhelmed before this started. Unlike China we aren't going to be drafting in 10,000 extra staff or building hospitals in 10 days... We can substantially reduce deaths by extreme isolation and flattening out the peak, but time is running out to do this. This is a pandemic aka 1918. The markets realise it. I hope I'm wrong, but its not looking good. The virus follows a pattern of isolated cases, clusters and then boom, full on epidemic.
  12. No. What's your point ? Its Tory policy to make people wait 5 weeks for universal credit which they're suggesting will be enough of an incentive to keep people self isolated. I know it wouldn't reassure me to stay off work as a self employed worker.....
  13. The government should make sure that anyone who tests positive is legally forced to stop working and paid benefits within 7 days (and at a substantially higher rate than exists now). Failure to do this will mean large numbers of self employed, low paid, gig economy, and agency staff continue to work and spread the virus much faster. I know a lot of people will moan about 'scroungers getting money' but the alternative is a much bigger shock to the economy and a lot more deaths. Tory policy vs the virus. Who will win ?
  14. On the basis that the bill is 110 pages, and about 5% has changed, that means about 6 pages to read in three days. Apparently that can't be done by remain voting MP's. They seem to be implying that they are illiterate. Of course what they really wanted was amendments to have yet another referendum (which presumably they'd also ignore if they lost), and blocking no deal in any circumstance forever, and ensuring we have zero negotiating position on the free trade talks. Brainless, pointless, and anti democratic. So here we go again. Zombie parliament, with a bunch of remainers blocking the referendum result once again. Eventually there will be a general election, which will deliver a huge Tory majority. The labour party conference delivered such vote winners as a virtually unlimited immigration policy, and £9 billion down the drain on a pointless class war on private schools. Add to that deliberate Brexit blocking and goal post moving, and those northern marginals aren't going to be marginals any more. Clueless politics from a party that is now so far from government, as a leftie myself it makes me very sad. Too many people in the Labour party have forgotten that if you don't get elected you achieve nothing. I thought the 2017 manifesto was pretty good, but goodness only knows what will be the next one, particularly as the author of the last one resigned last month.
  15. For the record I'm a Labour party member. I back Brexit and the reasons why are articulately put here by the late Tony Benn. Benn worked with the council of ministers and knew first hand how anti democratic the EU was and still is. Guy Verhofstadt wants an empire - that's the fundamental misunderstanding with Remainers. Being in the EU is about becoming a super state with nations sidelined. An empire by the way is defined as "an extensive group of states or countries ruled over by a single monarch, an oligarchy, or a sovereign state." That's the goal of project EU. It is not, and never has been just a trading zone." This is the sinister objective of project EU. No empire of different cultures and languages can be sustained without an authoritarian centre. Historically its always failed. The EU will too - or it will enforce cohesion. Once it has an army you can't leave. Mark my words - roll project EU forward to its logical conclusion and it won't end well. If you ever want to buy a house in the UK, within the EU you are in competition for housing with a huge influx of immigration. NO REMAINER HAS EVER EXPLAINED HOW NET MIGRATION OF 330,000/YEAR IS SUSTAINABLE OR WHERE THE HOUSING SHOULD GO. Stay in the EU and you will be a debt slave for life, struggling to afford a house.
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