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  1. If you also javascript then you can get onto the Daily Mail (and others) website with your adblocker running. You can't see the comments, but they are usually pointless anyway. https://www.technipages.com/google-chrome-enable-or-disable-javascript
  2. Joining this discussion late, so apologies if I'm repeating stuff, but this program should be essential viewing for anyone interested in the spread of Covid-19. Only three days left to watch. Contagion: The BBC Four Pandemic Hannah Fry models a deadly flu epidemic. It's a bit drawn out and dumbed down, but the final modelling is eerily predictive - running their data model with a R0 of 1.8 and death rate of 2% leads to around 850,000 deaths. Hand washing helps slow the spread. I would assume the government has access to models with far greater accuracy, and is balancing limiting the spread against limiting the panic.
  3. It's probably an offer from some dimwit who's assuming they can sell their house for an insane price too. This sort of thing is happening all the time in the areas I'm watching. They're under offer, they're not, they're under offer, they're not, the house is reduced by 1%..... It's all a bit tedious, TBH.
  4. A confusing property alert from Rightmove. If you're interested, about 1.1m - 1.2m is a realistic price for this kind of thing....
  5. "Struggles of the landed gentry" An unprecidented boom in "buy-to-let" investments is coming to an end. It was good while it lasted, but the golden age of the amateur landlord may be over. https://www.economist.com/news/britain/21732481-new-regulations-and-cooler-market-are-causing-landlords-sell-up-britains-buy-let-boom
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