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  1. Says the poster with 12,000 posts to the poster with 63.
  2. GrizzlyDave spend all day posting here. Somebody paying him?
  3. What's been fixed Dave since they left Dave? How can anyone who is under 60 years of age, and has children support morons like these?
  4. Well that's insightful. Any facts to back it up?
  5. Could you explain what these benefits will be? Well if he could explain, he wouldn't be trolling.
  6. Maybe you should list all those 'positives' . The unicorns are champing at the bit to be released.
  7. Well I'm not ccc and I'm actually a pretty big fan of the Polish deli meats. What !!! Mr aheadofthecurve is also Mr CCC man who hates Polish peoples and loves the burds? All this puppie socks is getting me confused much. Na zdrowie!
  8. A-men bro' !!! That is some cool sock pupette-e-e-ring ! You knows hun, we'all can use a little par-a-graphs now an' then !!! Missing yoo all-red-eee!
  9. Shocking isn't it Mr CCC? One leave boy here hates the NHS, why? Not like you Mr CCC you like the NHS (and burds).
  10. poppie

    Help to Buy an TOTAL SCANDAL

    Round here the 'starter' homes go for 660K. Help to buy? Corruption to bung more like.
  11. Hello Mr CCC - you very funny boy, but hates the poles peoples, very sad. Much good to see you back here friend.
  12. Things will get a lot worse when Trump slaps 25% tariffs on German autos.
  13. It looks like they'll be speaking again soon. P.s. 3000+ pages now ! I see some of the sock puppets are still here but with new nameplates. 👋
  14. Mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing.
  15. Here we go again .... Well I didn't want to say that, but now you have.......Aren't there two of them here who have new found Irish passports, and crowing about going to live in France.

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