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  1. Let me know when you and your partner jonb1 can come up with a reasoned arguement, I've not seen anything so far. I suspect you are left wing extremist paid trolls to be honest, you are both at that sort of knuckle dragger level. Seems you two are the comedy double act, shame its a talentless act. The way in which you both reply says to me you don't have an arguement at all, so you just retort with put downs to anyone who disagrees. Fair enough, it gives the measure of the man. This is my last post on this thread and the forum. The one thing I signed up for on here has moved to
  2. And those that caused the problems can just blame it all on Brexit.
  3. Yep, the left wing are trash alright. The mess we are in was caused by left wing policies. Right wing policies have been trying (poorly) to undo the mess but we are so far down that road there is no easy way out. I'm afraid it's people like yourself that need to think a bit more.
  4. The left wing masochist/sadists actively want the UK to be ruined, they seem to revel in it anf rejoice for some strange reason. However, to some extent recessions can have some benefits in terms of weeding out inefficient businesses and zombie companies that only survive due to low interest rates. Unfortuntely though, the brunt of the pain is felt by the less wealthy sections of society.
  5. Just look at the spite he showed towards me because I dared to challenge his views and despite proving him wrong and exposing his intolerance and bigotry, he continues to claim he is right and everyone else is wrong. It's that level of nasty that sadly is becoming more common (in my opinion) in the far left.
  6. Its a divided party, the older generations of labour supporters say 'it's not a true labour party'. The younger generations of labour supporters have become tainted with a growing number of illiberal and bigoted supporters (the nasty element). Liberal labour supporters have been driven away and feel they have no where to go. Corbyn then splits and divides it even further, some people like a handfull of policies (as do I) but fear he would be a disaster for the county if he got in. The recent anti semetism sandal and poor way in which it was handled doesn't help either.
  7. Rather than labour the point, I wonder if we can all agree on the following: - Name calling is childish - Name calling based on someones physical apearance is really not nice - Referencing and singling out group of people by their skin colour/race and applying a derogatory term is racist. Time to move on?
  8. If you want to single me out and attack me for having an opposing view thats fine as it exposes your bigotry and intolerance. I'm not one to be bullied by agressive posts and name calling. You can mock me all you like, no problem. I like the reversal tactic although its rather flawed - i.e. accuse me of doing what you are doing. Having said all the above, I have no bad feelings towards to you, it's clear you are passioniate about the subject and maybe that is clouding your view. I'm more than happy to continue the debate if you can calm down a bit or to drop it and move on as the thr
  9. None of those terms are racist, although I'll admit there is one I have never heard before. And more importantly, no one is using them or condoning their use, although I'm not going to read back through thousands of pages to confirm it. "No, mocking people for their hysterical, child like reaction to it is funny. " - is mocking people the best you can come up with? What I'm seeing is some well reasoned arguements from one group and from a couple of posters nothing but name calling or attempts to insult.
  10. Mocking people because of their physical appearance is funny? Fair enough, each to their own.
  11. Not sure what you mean, could you clarify that as you didn't answer the question? Are you saying black on back is racist or not? Is white on white racist?
  12. Happy to disagree and lots of love back at ya. I'm happy to reconsider my views if anyone can provide a good reasoned arguement. But until then, I'll keep my view that derogatory slurs aimed at people of a defined race are abhorrent. I also disagree about it being a funny, sharp witty definition. It's about as funny as Rosanne Barrs tweet.
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