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  1. If a Greek default was permitted by the Germans 5 years ago the outcome would have been painful for Greece and the EU, but by now the situation might have been returning very very slowly towards normality. Default now is the only option and sod the consequences.
  2. I don't know whether to spoil my ballot paper or vote UKIP, or if there is difference between those 2 options.
  3. All political parties make pre-election promises that they have no intention of keeping. Politicians are filthy diseased liars but at the moment we don't have that many in relation to the EU. If we leave the EU it will be us against the politicians in Westminster. If we stay in it will be us against Westminster AND a massive pool of bureaucratic scum that doesn't give a shite about democracy. The result of the Scottish independence referendum will be a landslide for the 'No' vote so don't worry about the oil.
  4. European immigrants are also better at getting drunk, fighting in the streets, dropping litter and living in rented houses in large numbers then eventually moving out leaving a filth hole behind them. However, some are quite hard working.
  5. Voted UKIP despite some of their policies being nuts, but they are the only true anti EU party. Locally it doesn't matter who I vote for because I live in a Devon Tory strong hold.
  6. I went to a comprehensive in the 80's, I had to pay for my school meals and I cannot remember anyone that didn't have to may for them.
  7. Why should the state/I pay for a long term unemployed single person to live in a 3 bedroom house? They should be forced to down size or the spare rooms should be taxed. Who cares what the Labour voters think!
  8. If the old fella's wife had died, he brought his kids up in is house, which may be worth millions not because its a mansion but because its in an area of London where property prices have risen hundreds of percent which is in no way his fault, then why should he be forced to move from his own home?
  9. I don't remember the British monarchy ever dictating or imposing laws on us or other countries in my life time, many many years ago that may have been the case, but now the Monarchy, in my opinion are an asset.If the EU parliament cleaned itself up, became less corrupt, became more democratic and except 'no' for an answer every now and then, then maybe I would become a little more pro-european, but in it's present state I find the EU vile.
  10. What are figures? What are the benefits in comparison to what we pay????
  11. I wouldn't view a house if I found the occupants were Labour voters.
  12. I work indirectly for the MOD providing service and support for bldg services control systems. When the coalition announced all the cuts I was a bit worried, but a few years down the line and we are doing great due to the fact the MOD didn't just cut preventative maintenance, they stopped it altogether and now my work load has doubled because the plant is in such a poor state and goes wrong all the time. The money being spent by the MOD now on reactive maintenance is in some cases 50% higher that what they were spending on preventative maintenance. Clever!
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