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  1. I think it's mistaken to assume people on this forum are typical of the population in general. By definition we are not. How many of the public are even aware of the concepts of deflation/inflation? The idea that more than a few percent of them ever think "Is the price of food/white goods/TVs/clothing/cars etc going higher or lower?" is absolutely laughable.
  2. Absolute tosh. I haven't seen one thing on there that could pass for one of your venerated isms. It's attitudes like yours that are destroying this place. What you mean is that you don't like people saying what they see as it jars with your desired view of the world. Strange how the left are in favour of censorship always and everywhere, never the right. As Orwell so beautifully put it, freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four. You're a five man.......
  3. Most people I know take steps to avoid being raped under the already unfair rules. Shuffle money all over the place to be under the threshold. I doubt there are many people actually paying a penny as is. Quite right too. Let the whole system fall apart rather than subsidise the feckless.
  4. It's an obvious nonstarter due to moral hazard. A life of drink, drugs and pros and consequences be damned cos the state pays for my social care innit.
  5. The newspaper owned by the ex KGB officer in charge of the London Embassy desk. No one mentions that strangely.......
  6. What's hilarious is there's a 50/50 split on the virtues of immigration but then a massive majority agree that immigration has created more division and less sense of community. So how in God's name could you then answer in the same poll that immigration has been positive?
  7. If you think cannabis is harmless then youve never worked in a prison or a psychiatric ward. I spent ten years rolling around on the floor with schizophrenics for a living. To a man they were long-term cannabis users. Maybe that's coincidence. Maybe it wasn't. The longitudinal studies appear to say not.
  8. None of this is new. They've been tracking womens' happiness for over 60 years now and they're consistently becoming more unhappy with every passing year. The nuclear family is all but dead, marriage has been destroyed, religion is in its way out. People are now staring into Nietzsche's abyss and they don't like what they see. Nothing left but to distract themselves with social media and consumerism.
  9. "More than 80% of London TB cases occur in people who were born abroad. It is not known how many people arrive with latent TB and it is not deemed cost-effective to screen for it" From the report. You know, the one you suggest others should try reading.......
  10. The levels of crime now (especially involving violence) are astronomical compared with 50-100 years ago. But social liberals doesn't like metrics. I wonder why.........
  11. All seems overly complicated. Why not just spreadbet with stop-losses?
  12. Just discovered that my sister and her fiance bought their house on an interest only mortgage five years ago for 280k, so obviously not one penny piece paid off. No method of repayment in place, naturally. Four bed three bathrooms, spread over three floors. Northeast. Shes 43, he's 51. I went to town on her, asked how she intended to pay it off given he'd be retired in 14 years and her in 22. All I got was blank looks and "Well I haven't really thought about it". I couldn't believe it. I've since discovered that more than half of the people I know are in interest only, some for nearly 15 years, and none of them have any plan in place to pay it off. I find this astonishing, but it's set me wondering: just how widespread is this? If this is a national problem then it doesn't bear thinking about.
  13. Men like attractive women ay? Who'd have thought it? Oh the humanity!!! Go and white knight somewhere else......
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