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  1. The trouble is that during all that"patience" you're paying rent. That could easily be 12k/yr in London. Of course the maths will dictate whether patience is a potentially worthwhile gambit. If you're potentially looking at buying a 600k property, a 10% drop if assigned a high probability might be worth holding out for, if in the meantime you stick it out renting for say 600pmm. But if you're looking at say a 150k property, you may as well just bite the bullet and buy.
  2. Yes indeed but my point was aimed at the quoted text in italics.
  3. You can of course buy a property with a deposit of 16k, as long as you can meet the multiple. AIUI the most significant aspect of UC is that all part-time workers bar a very small percentage are obligated to look for full-time hours, and are pretty much treated the same as the unemployed in this respect, ie they face benefits sanctions if they are seen not to be complying.
  4. My goodness, there is so much in there that is superficially plausible, worthy of further examination, and perhaps wilfully naive, but, well, it's late.
  5. Where did I say that you're racist? Consider this your reading comprehension test.
  6. This is very much the definition of a non sequitur. Why am I not surprised?
  7. I dunno... Labour are ahead in the polls, last time I checked.
  8. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8808762/gang-rape-victims-attacker-deported/amp/ I'll bet every single one of those do-gooder idiots preventing that rapist from being deported wants to remain in the EU. I hope they realise now how utterly disgraceful their actions on that day were, but I doubt it.
  9. Not sure if they're all snowflakes but yes, these people that you speak of seem to lack a functioning brain.
  10. Put another way: the UK needs free trade with the EU like it needs a hole in the head.
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