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  1. There are too many comments for me to respond to. Plus the arrogance and moral superiority is nauseating. Thank God we will be leaving soon and democracy will be restored back to the people of the UK.
  2. Global trade is not the same thing globalism. Check out Wikipedia if you don't know what it means.
  3. That wonderful socialist paradise millions are trying to escape from? I'm sure socialists and communists probably think the EU is great.
  4. Maybe among Trudeau and the globalists. The reality is most people don't want globalism.
  5. You don't think Germany has a vested interest in us remaining? I'm talking about the rest of the world, outside the EU.
  6. And you can't see how arrogant that statement is? "This kind of demographic". They are scratching their heads, but not for the reasons you say. You are making the mistake of thinking those not in the EU think it is a good idea to be in it. They do not.
  7. I'm referring to that subset of remainers that argue strawmen until they are blue in the face. But the BBC are the most biased of the mainstream media, with maybe the exception of CNN.
  8. People care even less about project fear today than they did in 2016. Most people just want to leave now, which is great and means we will definitely leave. If anything, sore loser remoaners have hardened Brexiteers and converted a lot of remainers, so I guess I should thank you all.
  9. You really think I'm the only one that wants Brexit? You need to stop watching mainstream media.
  10. The arrogance of remainers is breathtaking. The world is horrified by you.
  11. Where does my post not make sense? Brexit and the tory party are not the same thing.
  12. There are endless laws and regulations. But you are still missing the point. We voted to leave.
  13. It's not bizarre. Everyone knows the WA is not leaving the EU and is a new treaty to keep us in the EU. Like I said, the whole world is not stupid. They can see through all this. They've seen it all before in banana republics, socialist and communist countries. It is a very sad state for the UK to be in, and it is solely because the losers of a democratic vote could not accept that they lost.
  14. Unfortunately, no one buys this crap. It is obvious to the whole world what is going on.
  15. Dream on Dorkins. I realise the truth upsets you and I blow away all your socialist dreams, but once you accept the truth, it will empower you. Everything will fall into place, and problems will be much easier to solve. Your only obstacles will be other socialists.
  16. Well, obviously you didn't study economics one bit. To not understand competitive advantage shows you are a fecking retard. Or a socialist. Same thing. Oh well.
  17. You don't believe me? Just go check out all the non-UK mainstream media outlets that have been following Brexit.
  18. That's complete nonsense. Some countries are rich in certain minerals and resources whilst others are far more suited to grow certain fruits or farm certain animals or make wine, etc. Some countries have an educated workforce in some areas of expertise, whilst others specialise in other areas.
  19. Now I know you are a socialist, and probably a communist. You should go read up on stuff. You are on the wrong side of history.
  20. Brexit only doesn't exist because of hysterical remainers like youself. The whole world is literally horrified by you people. You just don't get it.
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