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  1. This is the problem for savers. The drawbridge is firmly up for those that want to save to buy a house
  2. Long time reader here I hope they did buy back in the end, because prices are NEVER EVER going back to 2007 levels and IR are NEVER EVER going to rise significantly in all our lifetimes. Why post this now? Because its important to remember what people believed would happen and what really did happen over the last 15 years. IMO, we are just about to start a hyper period of Rentier Capitalism whether we want it or not - so buy a house now - and thank me in 20 years time. Its just a viewpoint - feel free to disagree
  3. Feb 6 2020 - First case of BSE reported in Switzerland since 2012 https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/mad-cow-disease_first-case-of-bse-reported-in-switzerland-since-2012/45542186
  4. Nope - turn the TV on - its called unbiassed news and its happening right now All of those who think the EU is the greatest and best - Remember what you see - The EU is just another power construct, except its leaders are those you cannot vote out. How'd like them apples sunshine?
  5. Brexit - with everyone going on about borders - this is a REAL border issue - and its happening on Europe's borders right today https://time.com/5800116/eu-refugees-turkey-greece-border/ What will solve it? - Nothing Whilst Italy is "shutting" down to contain Coronavirus, we are all doomed to watch BBC/SKY News show a horrific human catastrophy of infected migrants dying in the fields surrounding Europe's border. Its probably the real reason why Erdogan wants the migrants to leave Turkey Those troops are there to stop infected people.....which in hindsight, will be lo
  6. For the love of g*d - This is what you say "Medical treatment is ultimately the decision of the individual, normally based on the advice of their attending physician." The context is this - you don't understand the meaning of "Medical Treatment" https://www.lawinsider.com/dictionary/medical-treatment Medical treatment means the provision, withholding, or withdrawal of any health care, medical procedure, including artificially provided nourishment and hydration, surgery, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or service to maintain, diagnose, treat, or provide for a patient's physi
  7. Wrong ! Medical treatment is ultimately the decision of the healthcare provider, not the individual. If medical treatment is offered to you (it can be denied to you), all you can do is decide to rubberstamp the treatment or not (even that depends!). Then theres the grey area of DNR which is decided upon by relatives Wrong again ! This is a common Med Student ethics discussion topic - Abortion is such a case. The decision of healthcare providers is bound by ethics of "what is in the best interests" which takes in account patients' (plural) wishes but the medica
  8. What utter tosh - you clearly know NOTHING about healthcare https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triage Now this is interesting - Lets see if this is still the case after this outbreak
  9. yes - interesting isn't it? Lets compare how the EU treats mainland countries to how it has treated the UK regarding The ban on British beef (Its the UK - that OK, hit them hard FOR 10 YEARS) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bovine_spongiform_encephalopathy#Europe The BSE crisis led to the European Union banning exports of British beef with effect from March 1996; the ban lasted for 10 years before it was finally lifted on 1 May 2006 despite attempts in May through September 1996 by British prime minister John Major to get the ban lifted. The ban, which led to much controversy in P
  10. The part in bold is why people voted to leave. Lets see if we really do get back our seas and learn to rule ourselves again
  11. Tend to agree that a leave vote is more likely to bring house prices down. a welcome benefit. It seems our remainer chums want HPI to increase even more
  12. You know very well what he meant - your idea on elections is to keep holding them until the result is one YOU agree with, and thereafter YOU decide not to hold anymore elections Let me tell you something - YOU ain't important, your vote is and YOUR VOTE LOST
  13. I thought you said you you'd accepted the result? "Remember kids - Remainer = Gamer Danger"
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