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  1. Despite (or because of?) being an immigrant (oh sorry, British now - got my naturalisation certificate the other day ), my employer does love me (and that is also in non-sexual - I am a redhead with exotic accent ) - and pays me over the going rate for the British born person in my job. I trust this explains matters to you.
  2. Blame the immigrants - they bring all kind of rubish with them from their caves / jungles !
  3. nothing in particular. My apologies, should have been more careful choosing the colour, but I had some oranges on my desk so I blame them
  4. 14 pages on the subject?? If I was Polish, I would be greatly offended: P I have only one word for you: COMPETITION. Get that through your heads and you will understand that perhaps binge drinking every Friday night is not such a good idea when your Polish counterpart is sitting at home getting ready for next project at work. And I ask you: who is "British" anyway?? White? Black? Orange? Person born here? Including / excluding one that is naturalised? Or whom??? Any Polish migrant will qualify for British Citizenship in 2009 - what will the tabloids write about then??
  5. Sorry as an immigrant, I would not have a chance in hell to know So I hoped someone would explain...
  6. Yep, and he lives in the US and Italy. So has the right to pass the judgement. Btw, who is this Morrisey?
  7. Never mind that, my English is better then your whatever other language...
  8. Nope. Financial services, City of London. Renting one bed flat just for myself and my other half. We don't let anyone else to stay with us Sorry to disappoint you. If Poles bugger off, there will still be no doubt enought Brits left. PS: Since you are such a nationalist, how about giving your spelling a bit more consideration.
  9. 27 immigrant female - very good looking one too married Waiting for the HPC so I can buy up all your houses and rent them out to all those Polese that are only planning to came over
  10. Exactly my point. You Brits are bad in your geografy. Really bad - and all you needed to do is google out one silly map. There are only two new EU states - so I would not refer to them as "all". And 10 that joined before these are not all east of Austria, however, generally they are refered to as eastern Europe. I dont agree with that, so I used "".
  11. As "eastern" European myself, I would not buy in Bulgaria if the houses were going for £5 each. No way.
  12. So why don't you go to Poland / Spain / Italy / Hungary and do the same?
  13. No I will not sign up. And I hope and pray that banks will win their trial court case on bank charges.. I am good with my money, I am financially literate. I am not willing to start paying fees for current banking just so those that spend beyond their means have lesser penalties to pay.
  14. If you measure success in life by how much money does one have - then perhaps you are right, but quite sad also. Remember, you can't take it with you when its your time to go...
  15. £2.50 a day? And I though its all those 20 in 1 house types that are cheap! £2.50 a day for food? To live on, care for the only precious thing you have - your health?? Wow!! What on earth are you eating??
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