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  1. I think there is currently no law against it and if there even was you would need concrete proof before accusing them. Makes putting in a lower bid more challenging and you just have to be prepared to walk away and not feel pressured to put a higher bid in. Offer up to only what you think it is worth. One estate agent on another house questioned me why I was putting a slightly lower bid on a house that already had a higher bid on by someone that was stuck in a chain with no buyer for their house. Offer went in 2 months previous and nothing was moving. They found it bizarre that I should offer lower even though I could move fast, no chain, good to go. How dare I. If I could deal with the seller directly would be much easier to strike a deal. @stingray192 wasn't aware of the offer book, not sure how the estate agent would feel about me asking to see what offers were placed ? could be worth a try....
  2. Rang an estate agent about a house to arrange a viewing on a £150k house. Got told on the phone there had been an offer of £140k on the house that has been rejected. Viewed the house and got told there was a bid of £148k on it and because owners want to sell quick to make an offer within two days otherwise it'll be gone. Got someone else to ring after two days and ask had there been any offers on the house and got told no offers yet but there's been interest from viewers and an offer is likely to come in soon. This should not suprise me that estate agents make up phantom offers but it is annoying. I have seen this before. Until they are audited this will continue to happen. Anyone else had similar issues?
  3. I'm wondering if anyone can enlighten me on North and West Belfast as I am originally from England. Where are the good areas? There are some very cheap properties off the Shankill Road. Now even I know these are "rough" areas, windows smashed, molotov cocktails etc. but it is no worse than areas of Leeds or Bradford where prices are double and triple. I have been looking at South Belfast but I can't justify paying the prices they are asking when you can get 2 or 3 for the same price in North or West Belfast. I understand the history and 11th etc. but money has been pumped into South and now East Belfast to inflate the prices to stupid amounts, I am sure they will do the same to the North and West area of the city especially when they receive their £1bil from the Tories. Do you think the peace walls will be down in the next 10 years? It is hard to know with Brexit which is a whole separate issue but if there is some sort of EU loophole/special deal then Northern Ireland may experience a boom. Any thoughts?
  4. 1/4 mil for my grans house.......tempting..... The Templeton Robinson valuers are smoking some strong dope, I'm convinced. They are shocking for overpricing...
  5. Yes the Sharman Drive house looks a lot more value for money. Unfortunately out of my price range but a solid house. I have noticed a few sellers have cut prices, I don't know if that is just time of year or are people just overpricing? I have been reading the forum the last few weeks, so much info. The Northern Ireland HPI report was released today saying house prices have gone up 6% in a year (3% up from last Quarter). I'm thinking the prices will stall at least over the next quarter as I was planning to buy early next year. One can hope!
  6. Hi Joe, I went to view that property 50 Vauxhall the other week - a woman had a bid in at £165k with a quote of £60k to sort out everything wrong with the house. I'm handy so wouldn't cost me as much but I would not even pay £145k for it to be honest. The garage is falling down so that is worthless. That whole 60s style panelling at the front and back of house needs ripping off and replacing or pebbledashing, insulating etc. All electric points are singles but not a big job. The photographer deserves an award because inside the house is not as great in real life. 3rd room is small. Nice street but I asked myself do I want to be paying a 25 year mortgage for this house and the answer was an overwhelming no. It would be a money pit. Especially if prices are coming down, which I believe they are. You don't have to take my word, go view it and let me know your thoughts...
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