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  1. Fantasy? Not at all, just incompetence, and lack of steely determination to get the job done. A lot of folk have been let down by the present system, while a few make out like bandits playing the system that they moulded to suit themselves. The system these bandits created, have given us less secure employment, increased child poverty, and whole raft of other negatives. And you preach more of the same? You want us to stay in Europe,? The very Europe that has Higher youth unemployment than us. What is so attractive about that. What is so attractive regarding Greece, Italy situation, and others. I'm not keen on Oban, but I respect that he tells it as it is. We need to be out. Then we need to build a society that is inclusive, where people feel more worthwhile and part of a better structure. The wealth gap is ridiculous at present. I'll also say, that if we stay, the majority of those students you see now with blue faces will in s few short years, you know the years when previous generations were thinking starting a family etc, it will dawn on them that they made a massive mistake. Snowflakes as they are unfortunately known, is sadly quite true. The Uk, where everything has nearly been sold off, where everything is on credit, even a decent education. And when given the vote, and against all the warnings and threats for all sides, including the president of the United States... the vote was to leave. And you along with many others have never accepted that. There is very little fairness in the EU, and here. It is extremely unlikely the British public can change the EU. The British public though can change the UK. And that is priceless
  2. Not from my experience. I have a friend who accommodates foreign students, and the vast majority return, family and opportunities in growth areas. He actually met his wife through his buisness, she came over with her son to make sure that everything was exact to her liking. She still has her home and business abroad, and spends most of the year there. She is Chinese, a nice lady.
  3. Majority are students https://www.ukcisa.org.uk/Research--Policy/Statistics/International-student-statistics-UK-higher-education
  4. When you have an exclusive system instead of inclusive, this what develops. https://intpolicydigest.org/2019/03/27/eu-elections-europe-confronts-a-cliff/ The whole lot needs dramatic reform, including the UK. What I cannot understand is why the young here want to still be part of an enlarged (eu) failed system. The EU project will fail, in my mind that is without question. It could have been a success, but has through faults of there own doing gone down the road of no return. It's bad enough excessively punishing other member states, but when one member state uses such force as to cause servers injuries to it's own citizens, it's game over. The young (the future) are the ones who can bring change, I hope at some point in the not too distant future they seize the day.
  5. Italy woes. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-27/italy-can-t-tighten-fiscal-stance-more-amid-recession-tria-says
  6. An article from two months back. https://www.newstatesman.com/world/europe/2019/01/french-police-s-brutality-against-gilets-jaunes-can-no-longer-be-denied Remember Macron, here taking a selfie Prize for European Vision https://uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUKKBN1IA36Q And folk want to be part of this, Do they know what's happening while they march with their I Love EU placards.
  7. Ref Bankers striking, yep in Ireland. Bin men could beat them hands down. In a way it shows what's more important and worthwhile to the masses. https://amp.businessinsider.com/pubs-replaced-banks-in-ireland-in-1970-and-the-economy-was-fine-2016-1
  8. Ok try this. The EU let too many folk in. The EU is more exclusive than inclusive, look at that irish Leo guy, he spouts off about why Ireland's tax system is as it is, which robs countries of where the item is sold and the subsequent tax revenues. And who knows some of that tax may help the crappy situation some are in. Macron is another shinning example Ours are pathetic too, get out of the EU then hopefully get round too sorting them out also.
  9. Dutch populist surge. https://www.euractiv.com/section/eu-elections-2019/news/new-dutch-populists-surge-in-rutte-referendum/
  10. Polls mean nothing on this topic. As I have mentioned before. And Parliaments recent voting appears to back this up.
  11. It could be worse Macron received the Charlemagne award last year, greater good of Europe etc, while trying to screw his own.
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