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  1. This is an encouraging sign hopefully more drops will follow soon
  2. BelfastVL you seem to know what your talking about. Do you think prices will fall come down twenty to thirty thousand across the board like England or are we set to skip this dip?
  3. I'm glad I have found this forum and that I'm not the only one thinking what is going on I really hope that prices do come down across the board It would give everyone a chance to be happy and enjoy life. I do think if the price is going to come down it will be within three to nine months simply because the price of new builds are getting close to the price of a house in Helen's bay Look at this These have been built on the Newtownards to Bangor carriageway and the price is serious. https://www.propertynews.com/New-Homes/Newtownards/36126/Rosevale-Park-Bangor-Road-Newtownards-Newtownards/ Now here is good big house in Newtownards were you could get three of the above in the back garden for less https://www.propertynews.com/Property/Newtownards/VPNPNC0081/9-Strangford-Gate/431400579/Page5
  4. This house is in one of the best areas there is i can say with confidence if two people have walked the house is ******ed.and its not the only one there is a thread on reddit were people are seeing houses with all sorts wrong with them. I havent looked at any graphs or anything like that I have just looked on property news and came to the conclusion that a open plan 1100 square foot three or four bedroom priced at £235.000 is insane and there only selling at this price point because the first time buyer is getting a loan from the government. and because of this the person in the 2005 square foot house that should be pricing there home at around £240.000 / £250.000 is saying if there getting that I want anything thing from £270.000 to £310.000 and so on Here is an examples for you House built four years ago £40.000 has been added on for good measure. https://www.propertynews.com/Property/Newtownards/1207RR200936790/7-Tullynagardy-Avenue/431334928/ you want to see were they have built these things too https://www.propertynews.com/New-Homes/Bangor/35913/Shamrock-Glen-Irvine-Park-Bangor/431335138/ google map https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Irvine+Park,+Bangor+BT19+7XR/@54.6429911,-5.6414859,169m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x486175fd33297bc9:0x90e041a65e3e2f8f!8m2!3d54.6429911!4d-5.6409433?dcr=0 or my current favorite https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@54.5960867,-5.6752239,3a,75y,65.94h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjRDCCq4HD_sg9IZUPMP6gQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 They really are building on that bit of grass
  5. I watched a Goldman Sachs representative do a TED talk along side ceo of mastercard and the ceo of a Russian bank. She said she would invest in mastercard to put her kids through collage and she would invest in the russian bank for her retirement. If I could find that clip of her saying the Russian banks name I would do a little jig.
  6. They really haven't kept on top of things at all. The amount of places that have a fresh coat of white paint to try and hide the Damp and Mold is serious Templeton Robinson currently have a four bed in a good area on there book the thing is two people have pulled out due to finding out that lightning hit the roof but if you were to contact them about the house i;m sure they will say the house is mint and there is high interest in it. "my advice when looking at a house is speak to the Neighbours" Mp's In this country arn't on our side either I have seen first hand the dumps they rent out and how they use solicitors to weave slip and slide. while they live in five hundred thousand pound plus homes. then go on the nolan show and keep the uneducated and deprived fighting over a flag you dont see to many of them making sure the children of this country ar learning computer programing like the rest of the uk and even ireland .
  7. I've been looking at Property News for the past 7 months and there is nothing but mold ridden over priced dumps with epc ratings so low you could hang beef. The worst offenders being Templeton Robinson and J John Minnis these two are over pricing everything and anything they come across by Twenty to seventy five thousand pound . New builds are no better Simon Breen and reeds rains love nothing more at the minute than there 1100 square foot open plan three or four bedroom's net even hardwired for the internet. What sort of parents let there kids buy these things Then there's Roger and Brown favored by the MP and old money the amount of dumps they have inst even funny that tip they just sold for a few million must have been to someone who has never worked for there money because if they had they would have known better. The only good thing about them at the minute is middle class owners are starting to think these guys sell big houses they must be the guys for me and in turn there homes are being listing between seven and ten thousand pound less than the one next door in order to sell fast and get into the area.
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