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  1. I dont want two. I only want 1. There's no many immigrants where I live, unless you count the english. I'd be on the sofa for a while as the advisor was saying a 30 year mortgage was the way to go. Are you one of them S.E. fannies ?
  2. Am no asking you to believe me or analyse my numbers I'm just trying to work out what the hell is going on, im really no sure what to believe right now. Me and my fiancee want to settle down and have a couple of weans. You might have missed that there's 2 of us, mortgage advisor said £200K with no bother, just been on some bank websites and they are saying anything between 220 to 280 for our joint wages, which seems a crazy amount, the woman we saw at the building site said around 300K HTB was no problem. I'll no be buying if what am reading is true, that's for sure. I really am quite stunne
  3. This is quite bizarre, please bear with me this is my first post on here, or anywhere for that matter. My fiancee and me started looking for a house to buy and we were looking at the prices and thinking, something isnt quite right. We both earn what id say was an average wage, (Livingston in Scotland) our mortgage advisor is telling us we can borrow £200K and we'd only be paying back about £800 a month, then I could get something called help to buy on a new build and somehow I can buy a £300K house, which seems an awful lot of money for a wee house.Then right out the blue the government rais
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