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  1. A rather clever group have created #PropertyLion to replace the dying property bee. The software's is planned to be on general release in a couple of weeks to selected interested parties but in the meantime there's a twitter account (https://twitter.com/UKpropertyLion) where ALL detected reductions found on right move will be posted It's not as interactive as PB but it does the same sort of job identifying changes/reductions and the up side is it does not require trailing through pages of data and should offer the ability to do secondary analysis of data. It also notifies rightmove directly when an anomalous entry is found. (If we can do this...Why cant they ? ) When the software is on general release it will allow a user to check a given area and post to twitter and or read the info locally. It's currently on Linux only but there are plans to port to windows. Anyone interested should get in touch via the this thread or the twitter feed. It's sad to see @propertybee dying a death, it was a brilliant tool. BTW, it's called property lion, as it's intended to catch those lion b*****ds on RM that flag up properties as reduced when they've increased the price. The database is currently growing and in a week or so should be picking up pretty much all drops. As price falls accelerate hopefully it will provide much entertanment. Pop corn at the ready folks. P.S. bit thanks to thecountofnowhere for a) suggesting it and b ) testing it and c ) funding it.
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