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  1. Yep, I’ve been into the office 4 times this year - It really highlighted to me how unproductive I am in the office environment, lots of distraction, people wanting to talk, ‘oh can you just come to this meeting…’ etc.
  2. Surely this has absolutely eff all to do with HS2 or Brexit. The fact that the Government and the opposition keep playing with our freedoms was the reason this happened. How anyone can play it any other way mystifies me.
  3. It will be like one of those whiteboards that Dominic Cummings presented last week - total unrelated jibberish notes and mental farts with ‘DONT LET HOUSE PRICES FALL’ in capitals and triple underlined in red on it somewhere. That will be the level of the planning.
  4. Back to the Future 2. They literally have a zoom call in it, though they were still using faxes lol.
  5. Goes to bank to borrow an extra £50k and gets it just like that and then wonders why the price of the house they want has gone up £50k. One day they might figure it out...
  6. I thought the link between how much the banks could lend out and how much they had in deposits had been completely severed as they can just get the dosh directly from the BoE directly via various schemes like the Funding for Lending Scheme, is that running out now?
  7. That’s good, no? Isn’t that exactly what happens immediately before the popping of every bubble ever?
  8. During a MAD scenario as is the entire concept.
  9. Operation Sea lion was put on the back burner after the Battle of Britain denied air control and Hitler diverted forces to fight Russia. Yanks got involved a year later, so no, at the crucial point in time our forces did their job.
  10. The defence budget is where we arguably get the best bang for our buck. Last time I checked my tax breakdown the defence bill was less than the interest payment on the national debt! You might find the odd story where the military has cocked up but as far as I’m aware no one as successfully invaded the mainland uk for.... oooo... 1000 years so it must be doing something right. The military is always there once things have gone massively wrong and the job absolutely must get put right, in the present day of feeble leadership in politics it’s the one area where we can have some assuran
  11. My dad has ‘sold’ his 4 bed btl 3 times in the last year yet he still owns it. This country is obsessed with houses, buying, selling and everything in between. It’s just the prices are so high now that hardly any transactions are happening, we just have people going through the motions and watching chains collapse, typically because the bottom rung can’t afford to join the game.
  12. Yes there will be a 4th lockdown at the end of September. There’s never been a give away quite like it, the MPs and Sage scientists are loving it. Will be caused by a new variant - I can see Boris now, ‘All we need is everyone to get a booster plus accept vaccine passports and we can all get together in time for Christmas’.
  13. I don’t get the whole only fans thing. She’s okay looking, nothing special, possibly getting on a bit compared to the competition that is the entire rest of the internet, that is completely free.
  14. What you really want is a series of big clocks, one for all the different time zones like an airport, there are 24 possible time zones each with a compounding 10% increase in house price for each one present - think BIG!
  15. Well not all of them. There seems to be a crazy cat lady in the House of Lords going on about a curfew for men or some such nonsense.
  16. Yeah this was what I was kind of hinting at. Last year when lockdown first happened all the politicians and councils were banging on about there being a cycle revolution and spent a fortune on cycle lanes. I thought ‘This lot are off their rockers, 95% of these new cyclists will give it up the moment conditions are sub optimal’.
  17. Love your optimism. Personally I think lockdown release will get delayed and we will only be getting slowly back into ‘normal’ for late summer. Then a new super strain will pop up and we can do it all again from September, possibly with a new super strain of flu thrown in for good measure.
  18. I thought selling and fixing bikes was one of the industries that benefited from all this? Don’t tell me all the people who rushed out to buy a bike last spring didn’t use all those swanky new cycle lanes when the weather went nasty in October? - I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!
  19. Time is the most precious thing there is and the furloughed lot have been granted loads of it whilst those with jobs are trading their precious time for ever decreasingly worthless tokens, the promise of future employment is neither here nor there because nothing is for certain either way - just an empty gesture really.
  20. I agree with the OP. The over generous furlough is stopping the demand to end this lockdown nonsense. I actually like to watch Gogglebox because it’s funny, but secondly because you get to see a broad range of reactions to the news items of note from the week previous. Last weeks gogglebox had them reacting to Boris’ lockdown roadmap and the first thing the gay hairdresser said was ‘Awww I’m going to miss my holiday’ - this tells you what you need to know, that those on furlough secretly want it to keep going and can you blame them?
  21. I can’t see anything on the bounce back loan replacement. He said something about a loan from £25k to £10mil - anyone know anything about that? - it was the fraud on the bounce back loans that drove asset prices, stamp duty was a minor bit part in my opinion.
  22. Deja vu. I imagine it will get extended again to go with the inevitable 4th lockdown that will result from schools going back for the new year?
  23. Yeah, it is the people of his constituency that are the problem. They went to the ballot box and ticked next to his name, presumably they read about who he was beforehand and thought ‘if anyone can relate to my day to day experiences and problems as a common pleb, it’s going to be this billionaire’
  24. No basically. After months of slogging away at work having to do loads of extra hours, a long cold dark winter and a lockdown that has stopped me doing any hobbies or seeing friends - just having time off work sitting in a sunny garden with friends around will feel like holiday enough. I’m not going to engage with the quarantine/passport thing for at least another year.
  25. Depends what I can spend them on but I reckon they will be pretty worthless to me, the high street indeed. Might end up selling them for a lower face value in cash.
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