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  1. If I wanted to change my grocery store into a coffee shop, I'd need a change of use from the planning department. But it seems you can change a residential property to a holiday let at will? I think business rates should be for properties with planning permission for business use. Then the neighbours could object and the local council could decide what a reasonable level of holiday accomodation was.
  2. I think 2nd homes need a punitive taxing. I get the normalise interest rates argument. But while interest rates would stop the 2nd home as an investment - it wouldn't stop the 'inherited parents retirement home, so just leave it empty and have a holiday there sometimes.' But a 2nd home is a cost to a community. It's goods not bought in the local shop, and pints not drunk in the pub. It's a falling school roll, and a GP trying to plan services for a population that goes up and down with the bank holidays. So, I say tax them. And put the money back into the community. If the locals kne
  3. Oh great, so newbuilds are for locals only? Well I'll just sell this draughty old cottage to a Londoner and buy a new house on the edge of town then.
  4. +1. Maybe it's not so bad? Westminster propaganda outlet reckons we 'only' lost £2.1bn. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44366731
  5. I'm seeing similar here, (another tourist area). Massive demand for anything that can be holiday let. And estate agents / buyers prepared to stretch their definition of holiday-let all the way to a poky new-build one bed with the hallmarks of quality you'd expect from today's help-to-buy creations.
  6. 1. As long as they keep buying the debt, they obviously don't want the number one spot yet. Their whole economy is based on having a weaker currency, so they can export their sports socks at twofer a pound / dollar. Buying the debt keeps the $ high for them. 2. Their debt holding is a weapon. Suppose Mr Trump comes out with... um... extending the Mexico wall through California, out to Hawaii, and up to Alaska? Yeah, wouldn't surprise me either. So that's when the Chinese tell him they're dumping the debt if he goes through, (maybe after they sell him a few billion bricks certified fo
  7. +1 EDIT - deleted my interest rate kite-flyer. I don't buy it myself.
  8. Aye, but there's an even shorter list of places with a surplus of 3/4/5 yr old rhd cars at reasonable prices.
  9. For me, it's the salad. Hording such a collection of salad in my own fridge would mean massive waste.
  10. I think of Asda as the quintessential pile high, sell cheap operation, while Sainsbury are halfway to Waitrose. Asda's not doing so well, at the end of the deflation cycle. After a collapse though, a lot of newly-poor consumers looking for cheap baked beans, and a return to the big shop after payday.
  11. I'm ordering quicklime. Hopefully, it'll be for a stone frontage on my government supplied self-build plot then.
  12. Yes, this will be invaluable. I started at a national housebuilder in Feb08. They'd just booked record profits for the previous year, and paid massive bonuses to the directors and smaller bonuses to the plebs, a bit like Persimmon are doing right now. The sales graph for the year was frightening, and I spent most of my time reorganising sites to be smaller, or to close down completely. Meanwhile the publicity statements were placatory in nature - "temporary correction", etc. We were all out the door in October. Agree, you need some anonymity for this. If you go with changing your usern
  13. You wouldn't. Unless the goose was already an ex-goose. Ceased to be. Expired and gone to meet it's maker. A late goose. Run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.
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