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  1. Thanks for the advice about an accountant. What is the best way to find a reliable one? I would say ask through friends/family, but I do not have family and my friends all live abroad! As for not realising now: why not some, if I am in profit? I was actually underwater for a lot of the 2010s. I only want to have my own place and some savings. If I have made a profit (and that is a bit of a fluke), then that is enough for me. Who knows what the future will bring? Personally, I think gold is overbought at the moment. I am surprised it has jumped so much right now, because the market
  2. I invested in gold and Bitcoin around 2013, when both were low in price (this was just by chance as I am a believer in sound money). I was sure that the stock market would collapse even back then and I was not really expecting gold to take off until around 2021 and Bitcoin even later (or, rather, gradual increase over time). I am now in the strange situation that I have a lot more "money" than I thought I would at this stage, but I have mainly lived abroad and I am not sure how I go about "realising" it. I know I will need to pay CGI in the UK if I sell out, but what is the first s
  3. That's the thing. It is not that easy. I have not lived back in the UK for long. So if you can point me to a forum where I can find such cottages for rent (viable offers), or specific examples, I would be very glad. It is not that easy; hence why I am posting after trying without much success.
  4. Hi. I am a writer with a three-book contract. I am a renter (might be a cash buyer at some point, however). All I really want is a quiet place, can be anywhere in the UK (currently I am outside Glasgow), which has internet and where I can get on with my work undisturbed. I am finding it incredibly hard to find anything, possibly because I am spreading myself too thinly. Anywhere outside the big towns only seem to cater for seasonal workers (like Aberdeenshire, Inverness, Moray coast - where I would love to rent, but there is virtually nothing there). In the towns I get offered p
  5. Oh, pardon my ignorance. It is just that I looked online and some online sites seemed to be quoting around £30 for up to 30 kg.
  6. Hi, I plan to move soon from London up to a place just outside Glasgow (quite near airport). I rent a room and started out with two large suitcases worth of possessions, but that doubled and has now probably tripled (books, clothes, boots, laptops...). When I moved to London before from abroad, I just bought an airline ticket and added on extra luggage. But that was when had less. In theory, I could do a couple of trips back and forwards on the coach, but it is probably cheaper overall just to get a firm to do it (as long as it is under £100). Can anyone rec
  7. Hi, I wonder if some forum members can give me some anecdotal evidence from their experience/knowledge of buying property. I have been keeping my cash in a London-based gold bullion account for all of this decade, because I was not looking to buy or live in the UK. But now I am. So I plan to use the cash in this account to buy a property in Scotland (probably for around £140K). I will probably spend the next year renting in the area I plan to buy in to get a feel for the place. I know you have to prove the source of cash for property purchases, but what do they actually
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