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  1. Yeah, around Lewisham station they’ve been busy building future slums. The Get Fizzy thing is Fizzy Living. They build blocks of flats to rent out. They’re aiming at millennials so they usually have some communal facilities (a roof terrace or cinema room) and they occasionally organise some social events. The only good thing about them is that they allow pets. https://www.fizzyliving.com/
  2. My favourite little fact about London, is that just over half of all households rent. Of those that do rent, less than half pay the rent in full themselves. So over half of all renting households technically can't afford to live there. Or over a quarter of all households.
  3. It's not surprising. You can only afford to live in London with a family if a high earner or on benefits. If younger you can houseshare, but by your thirties you'll be fed up with that. I found this quote in the article quite enlightening.
  4. Hostel. It’s a bed for the night. I don’t go on holiday to spend my time sitting in a bedroom.
  5. As a pessimist, I like farmers. The glass is always half empty for them.
  6. In the article: Mr Hider said he had trouble finding a lender, due to his young age and his short employment history. To make things more complicated, the 1960 council home is 'pre-fab', which some banks don't offer mortgages for. He said: 'I went all over the place; Newcastle Building Society, Lloyds, TSB, Halifax and Nationwide but none of them wanted to know, because of my age, the unusual type of house and because my mum is claiming job seekers allowance.' But he eventually secured a mortgage with specialist finance company Together.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/HenryPryor/status/1005096834115821571 With regards to Henry Pryor and his tweets, I thought this was far more eye opening
  8. And then he’ll be kicked out and replaced by a Peronist at the next election. Argentina for a country rich in natural resources seems to perenially mess up. I agree that they have potential to do really well in a reflation. Most countries in South America have great potential to do so. They just all seem brilliant at shooting themselves in the foot over and over.
  9. My Help to Buy ISA is with Santander. I’ve been expecting a letter telling me they’re slashing the rate ever since Carney slashed interest rates to 0.25% after the EU referendum. Still getting 4%.
  10. Um. Do a google for credit deflation and maybe the name of the chap who started the thread?
  11. I think we will look back at the period betwen then and now as just a continuation of the collapse we saw back then.
  12. Offset? If so that’s great. I rent at the moment, but would prefer an interest only, offset mortgage, if I ever did buy, simply from a cashflow and optionality point of view.
  13. I don’t use Amazon because I don’t agree with their business practices. Not a loss in the grand scheme of things. Books are the same price as Waterstones, and video games are cheaper elsewhere and you actually get the games early (before release date) whilst my experience of Amazon when it comes to pre-orders expect it after the release date.
  14. I had a one year bond with them a few years ago. Their website is terrible. You effectively open a share dealing account and you can also buy their bonds. I couldn’t stand the website, so my stocks are all with Hargreaves Lansdown. Other than that it’s all good. Once your bond matures they might contact you to try and upsell financial advice, but I ignored this.
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