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    The beer is terrible no bitter just little kids lager
  2. There was a thread on this at the end of last year During the late 80’s to early 90’s the market crashed and lenders did load of repossessions They are very, very reluctant to repossess now and would rather restructure the mortgage or give a payment holiday to ensure the mortgagee keeps the property The last thing a lending institution wants in a poor market is load of empty property that are going down in value and becoming derelict. That show very badly on the balance sheet. The lender does not have the staff or the desire to be involved in property maintenance and to be organising drain downs of heating systems, EPC’s, valuations, garden maintenance, the risk of vandalism, squatters and many other things which are time consuming. The lenders are protecting themselves not the mortgagee Agree - I have never bought a house as an investment it has always been a home
  3. I would never live in 3rd world nation cannot think of anything more hideous. True 100%
  4. I'm arguing that perhaps there is a trend to pay a part of inheritance early. In my family, people of all generations are fairly affluent (my siblings and I are 30s, parents are 60s and remaining grandparents are 90s). If any of us fell on hard times financially, the others could help out. If I were more successful and my parents less successful it would seem odd if they were saving in their old age, so they could provide an inheritance. I agree. If my parents had financial problems I would help them out. When I am at a certain age money will not be of any use to me so I may as well pass it on to my kids who can use it to their own advantage. As you say the thing now is that people are passing the inheritance on earlier.
  5. I do not see these as a threat. My company has to pay tax we have not changed our software my accountant deals with it. I would not take my kids out of school. Taxing cars and probate is a change bit not a threat all govts change how they collect tax. Tax from some areas such as tobacco has reduced as lifestyles have changed so it needs to be raised elsewhere. The police are not responsible for collecting debts and nor are the army. I have used bailiffs myself when companies have owed me money and have clearly had zero intention of paying. There is a court procedure to follow and they do not kill anyone. I have always paid by suppliers so no one has needed to get a bailiff involved with my company.
  6. People of that incredible wealth are a rarity even now. There is certainly a trend of parents paying for education, house deposits etc if they are able to do so
  7. Yes of course. Like the last few labour failed governments dating back to the 1960's LOL
  8. Where ? I do not want to lose the habitat of birds, bees, insects etc by building on every bit of green space - I have been to some of the Asian cities where there is no green space and they are awful Agree 100% Very few firms land bank - there are often protracted negotiations between getting an option to buy and building which is why people, get wound up by it Sometimes they buy at above market price strategically so it makes no sense to build then they do bank - it is a business decision House builders have to have a stock of land to enable them to plan their businesses. It takes time to build and sell the homes on a housing development, so house builders inevitably hold stocks of land under development. In addition, long delays and enormous uncertainties in the planning system force them to hold even larger land stocks than they would like.” Land is the raw material of house building. Just as a baker needs flour, house builders need land. It is often claimed that house builders’ total land bank is around 300,000 plots. If we were to build the 240,000 homes a year we should be building, that is a landbank of just over a year. Even at current output levels it is well under three year’s supply which, with our slow and uncertain planning system, it is still barely enough. House builders need to be able to manage their businesses properly. Housing is a long and complex process and builders need to have an adequate supply of land in the pipeline to responsibly manage materials and people. Until we have a more certain and efficient planning system, house builders will need to hold land stocks of three years or more. Kate Barker, in her 2004 review of housing dismissed the claim that house builders ‘land banked’ unnecessarily, as did the OFT’s exhaustive inquiry in 2008. The OFT, in its exhaustive 2008 study, concluded: “The homebuilding industry, which owns a significant landbank, does not appear to systematically hoard land with implementable planning permission; most land of this type is under construction.” And... ‘The time lag and uncertainty involved in obtaining planning consent and building are such that a land bank will naturally span over a number of years’, says the report. Councils are commercially inept - the people in them are there because they would not survive in the commercial world London already has these and they are widely adopted outside of London for sure some homes are smaller than I would like but if they were bigger there would be less of them - it is a compromise my first place was tiny but it got me out of my parents house Secure tenancies as long as the tenant pays the rent and does not damage the proprty I agree totally Prices are dictated by supply and demand The Labour manifesto says they will continue H2B until 2027 which seems to be despised by all on this forum and has increased prices The Labour manifesto say they will build homes that are affordable to buy - no developer will sell a home at less than they can get for it. Would anyone sell their car at far less than they can sell it for? Agree with controls on leasehold. Agree with landlord licensing - not with rent controls which are dictated by supply and demand. Certainly fdo not agree with 3 years tenancies it does not allow for a change in circumstance on behalf of a LL. Unless if the tenant leaves before the 3 year term they are liable for all rent until the end of the contract which would make it equitable. ( I am not a LL myself but just making the point Giving local people the "1st dibs" on buying a home in their area. In a country where the work force is fluid this will harm business. It will also make developers skeptical about building new homes as demand will be reduced. It is also of course discriminatory to those who are not from the local area. On a personal level I used to be a member of the Labour party and am at heart a leftie and believe that people who have genuine p[problems should be supported although I also believe that people have a responsibility to look after themselves. I am however, sadly unable to vote for a party whose leader flies to Tunisia to grovel at the grave of a muslim terrorist.
  9. No little boy you know nothing about me so your facile comments do not bother me whatsoever I own my own home - no mortgage - paid off after the sale of a business - well a £10 mortgage just in case i want to borrow in the future I sleep well - own another business - am not stressed in any way - enjoy sport - theatre - pubs - am totally chilled Any one who does not agree with your opinion is a troll - no problem then - sadly you epitomise why some people call us snowflake generation - a feeling of entitlement maybe ???????? Anyway you carry on getting wound up about your own situation - or maybe stop whinging and do something to change it????????/?
  10. I am bored sh--less with brexit when it come on the tv / radio I turn it off I cannot be bothered to hear the same people repeating the same thing for the millionth time
  11. Because if houses are selling more slowly builders will slow the build programme - the last thing they want is standing stock which is a target for vandalism and often has to be protected by security cameras / staff apprenticeships should certainly be offered - the problem is schools seem to encourage kids to go to uni to do worthless soft degrees that will be valueless in the job market - a mate of mine's son was told that if he did not work hard at school he would end up on a building site - His response? - Miss my dad is a bricklayer he earns £275 a day how much do you earn? No - green spaces should be protected - the wildlife is a vital part of this country - birds butterflies bees hedgehogs etc I do not want to live in place like many Asian cities where there is no green space Green spaces are part of the heritage of this country - stop immigration unless people have real skills and do not just work in a coffee shop and get rid of illegals stop reduce the need for more and more housing Not possible - the market dictates price by supply and demand - builders build that equation into their purchase of land - why would a builder bother of they cannot maximise profits they are commercial business not local authorities - no one is going to sell a product for less than they can achieve what happens when this price capped house is bought - a person could buy a house at a capped price then sell in the future at a profit - ideal for investors and huge pension funds to flood in and take all the new stock what else could be capped? cars? they are unaffordable for some people? restaurant prices? they are unaffordable for some people? beer? that is unaffordable for some people? baked beans? They have - and H2B is slated here all the time - no new schemes will enable everyone to be a home owner and those who are unable to buy will be critisising you and saying that you are mad the same way they do people who have used H2B - any scheme that increases the number of people who can buy increases demand and therefore price and so the cycle continues If all incentives were dropped it would reduce demand and prices would fall Vote labour everything will be free including a free flight to Tunisia to cry and bow and pay homage at a terrorist's grave

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