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  1. It is a forum - anyone can express an opinion.As it happens I have a great social life. :) knocked him out at 14 the lad was qualified corgi himself by 14.....being 14 and .taking a small dog with you to do gas maintenance probably explains those houses that blow up every now and then... How much do you earn then sitting in front of a screen all day? Are you still renting and paying your LL mortgage for him then? How is the rental house? I could not care less if prices go up or down or stay the same - you seem to and are agitated about it
  2. is it possible to be middle class and renter? I do not know just asking?
  3. There are many people who would not call themselves middle class who have plenty of debt will never own a house or car and never see their kids. I have no idea what class I am I just work and look after myself and my family. Working does not make me angry I was brought up to understand that if I want something in life I work and get it for myself.
  4. Are they? It seems to me that there are many people here who are very angry all the time, not sure if they are what one would call middle class or not? It seems to me that the people who are most angry are students and the snowflake generation who do not automatilly get every single thing they think they are entitled to. ****** off! But he is correct. If people socialised more and did more sport and went for a beer rather than be addicted to ascreen they wiukld be happier and far less angry. You should come and live where I do, in my local that would have people buying you a pint! No you would not at all. The so called liberals are weak and incapable of fighting their way out of a wet paper bag. They would need to take a month off work for stress and get counselling. Also it depends what you call racist sadly too many people are offended by anything and needs to grow up. In my local we have people from various nations and there is loads of banter no one takes it as racist as it is meant in good spirit. The snowflakes would just leave if it offended them.
  5. I think it depends what business you are in. I have a company in electrical engineer ng and one in Artificial Intelligence. They are both booming. Locally some restaurants never seem to have any customers but there are 20 + restaurants in a very small high street which is just not sustainable in a location which has a small target market. But that is inevitable - when the market is tough many people will just not bother to sell unless they have to. That prevents huge drops t No you are not going to buy anything
  6. Not once have I ever said that rising house prices are a good thing. I am a millennial myself - I am 28 years old. I am not sold into debt or slavery personally. I own 2 companies and sold 1 which enabled me to buy a house with no mortgage. I have zero debt due to the sale of that business. For sure I did have when I started the business but not now thankfully. Most people who start a business or buy a house have to take on a loan. Very few people are cash rich from the day we are born. As someone who owns 2 business and has sold another I certainly do not think that the economy should be based on housing. I have bought my own home as a millennial. All of my friends have. Only 1 of us used H2B and they have paid that off now. No one is forced to use HTB it is a personal choice. I did not do a worthless degree in sociology or sport science or psychology or some weak soft subject. I did not make the decision to accrue a 50k debt for a degree that is total worthless in the job market. Sadly these people think that because they have a degree in a worthless subject as far as the employment sector is concerned, that they are special and that they have the right to earn a lot of money in an interesting job and own their own home. The fact is no one has the right. I was taught that if I wanted anything at all in my life it was up to me to work for it. Millennials who did that have no sympathy for me, they made the choice to do a soft degree, all they had to do was look at the stats for graduates of those degrees and what they earn and what sort of jobs they are likely to be able to get with a degree in an ology. Most of them work in basic admin jobs that is why they do not earn a lot of money and cannot afford a house. These people would be better off doing a real degree (much harder of course) or training as a bricklayer or an electrician and doing a real job and earning good money. In London these guys are earning around £300 a day. Of course that is hard work. As a home owner I could not care less if house prices go up or down or stay the same. I have no intention of moving so it is totally irrelevant to me. If prices go up I would pay more when I moved. If they go down I would pay more when I moved, I do not care.
  7. No it does not - if you think so go and buy one and stop renting
  8. I have great respect of the emergency services doctors etc. I do however do a lot of work with councils and 2 HA's - they are lazy and useless and would not last 5 minutes in the real world
  9. everyone who works for me get 30 days plus bank hols
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