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  1. Really? I thought we (with Chinese assistance) are currently building some e.g. Hinkley Point C.
  2. Not so. Unlike bitcoin or other alternative currencies it's backed by the government's ability to raise taxes in it, because of, ultimately, the state's monopoly on violence (police, army). Which means there is a reliable general demand for it.
  3. not worthless, just declining in value. But you had inflation under the gold standard too, and later when the dollar was convertible.
  4. Industry my ****. Is a flea market an "industry"?
  5. er, because they might learn something socially useful and make a contribution? A mathematically gifted kid might study to be a teacher thereby not improving (probably detrimenting) their 'earnings potential'. Should they get less subsidy than a money grabbing finance student?
  6. Startling as it may seem this is in fact quite unrefuted orthodox economics, for all that the classical economists wanted to avoid this implication of their theories. It's now known as "Georgist" economics, after Henry George, who advocated a 100% land value (actually site value) tax to be levvied on a redistributive basis ie revenues returned to the community.
  7. Nope. Rent is exactly that: unearned income. It's a mistake to think of landlords as producing something and a tax as increasing their cost of production.
  8. Finally he has said something half worth listening to. they will have to get rid of him.
  9. So it was known for at least 3 years prior to the current report (probably longer, we are not told when Antino filed his complaint) that this guy was a fraud and nothing was done. No wonder Britain is going down the tubes when we have this kind of accountability at the top of lauded institutions. I don't think it is unrepresentative.
  10. don't care about his personality, politicians are there to have and implement policies.
  11. Kinda. The manifesto commitment was to review the case for an LVT. didn't stop the tabloids from running with it though ridiculing "Corbyn's garden tax".
  12. Bit odd to lump Corbyn and Millipede together, Corbyn 1.0 did at least have some radical policies e.g. I recall a LVT which would have helped.
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