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  1. Thanks! Copy pasted quick facts from there: There were 27 million households in the UK in 2015. Of these, 29% consisted of only one person; in 1981, 20% of the 20.2 million households were single occupancy. Overall, there has been growing demand and relatively limited supply growth. The number of households in the UK, and therefore demand for housing, has increased, partly as a result of increasing population together with decreasing average household size.
  2. Yeah actually. A much more rapid and volatile effect than one caused by stagnant population growth which would be a slow burner. Fair, alright so I'd say cheap credit is 60% then and current population growth 20%. And I've seen a graph shared on here showing affordability of mortgages at the base rate and some people will be in for a nasty surprise should the rate rise! What about the supply side factors then? What % should change?
  3. Yep, fair point, I could have worded that better. How large a factor would you say that is?
  4. I would like people to post all the factors they believe have affected house prices in the past, and will in the future, and attribute a sort of proportion to each factor. I'd like you to do it with just two headings too, Demand and Supply Let me start (based on what I have learned on HPC and I hope that people will add to this until we all sort of agree, and perhaps learn some new ways of thinking about this issue. And I know this isn't a linear relationship, nor is this ever that simple, but just assume it's present day and that the relationship is super simple for ease
  5. Been just reading HPC for a couple of years but given that I have just had an offer accepted on a house in Carshalton with my partner, I think it's time I get involved a little more on here. I think it is fair to say that as an observer this forum does not always offer an objective viewpoint for the observer, so I'm hoping that I can try and stimulate some more of that here. The charts thread is an absolute goldmine thread, so thank you everyone for that! TBP
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