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  1. I've recently discovered plumplot.co.uk which offers quite powerful graphic-driven charts and historic data down to local postcode level, with the option to adjust time period. I haven't come across anything else quite like it, and it seems to show just how quiet things are getting right now in the overheated areas like the Home Counties: http://www.plumplot.co.uk/house-prices.html So, for example: http://www.plumplot.co.uk/Oxford-property-sales.html http://www.plumplot.co.uk/Oxford-house-prices.html P
  2. Re: stats showing slowdown in the market, I was really thinking about London and the South-East, as per my original post. There does seem to lots of evidence about slowdown both statistically and anecdotally in these regions.
  3. Greetings HPCers! Thanks for adding me into the forum. Much has been said about how a fundamental underlying lack of supply will continue to keep housing prices up in London & SE. Don’t get me wrong – I think the nefarious activities of the builder/developer cartel do much (like De Beers with diamonds) to create artificially high prices. i.e. there is a sense in which there IS a genuine lack of supply. However, how much of this ‘lack of supply’ of stock is just down to vendors either taking their properties off the market or refusing to put them on the market in the first place (
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