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  1. Serious question Are you a "bull" or are you a business man? I am a business man, there's no sentiment but on the same token there's no complacency. Things change, and I will not let dogma get the better of me. Business man = Run business to make profit You must see whats happening or face ruin Actually I really think you already Know this and many of your posts are just wind ups. edited you are probably the best counter arguer to a "correction" (carlsberg dont counter argue HPC) 2ND EDIT You have already looked at your debt exposure and profitability. You have used this forum to its full potential, and youve had some fun, well done
  2. Gordon Browns "no more boom and bust" He has actively create this "unsustainable boom" Is the man a complete imbusile? There is no such thing as sustainable growth All modern democratic countries are centrally planned The alternative would be anarchy This government are trying to fool us into believing we have choices about things we really have none. They have tried to decentralize power (more attonomy to local government, local or regional hospitals, education, countries welsh & scottish assemblies etc etc etc why?) All this has achieved is extra layers of red tape and all they give as an answer is your local whatever has a fund to look after you, "but they dont, so?" "ah but they should" I thought the idea was you vote for a government who set the parameters for the general good of society, in general, leaving as much freedom as possible for individuals to create wealth and live as they please. So a structure is put in place to "control" our behaviour, and collect revenue to be able to keep this structure and to provide neccessary services such as protection internally and from external threats, a system of courts/legal to protect us from each other, and then provision for the basic needs such as making sure there are rules in place so society can have shelter and.............There are other essentials but this government have failed on one of its basic jobs to provide shelter in fact they have promoted the exploitation of this basic need as a tool for investment! Why? Houses are where people live in, or should be.
  3. Yes I think your right. but its the government who are "Bemused"
  4. Yep I will be effected House price? doesnt matter I bought to live in, but I run a business connected to the industrial construction industry and things are already tightening (as expected) So it will effect me more, and my employees.........infact it will effect everyone, but mostly the indebted.
  5. Where do you get your information on rises? I am almost certain a major correction in property prices will occur. My own view is a trough in late 2011 that will go on for just under a decade. There are many factors that will effect timing and magnitude, inflation being the major one. Inflation will be seen as the endebted's only freind. I do not think this will a very nice period to live in and a major depression cant be avioded. It is not the price of property that is at fault but the massive global debts which will take 20 years to get to realistic levels before investment will again be seen. At this time people are still getting into more debt, it hasnt reached a peak yet. Fraudian slip? "Would you like to buy my debt...i mean house"
  6. No If you want to buy a house buy one, alot of people on this forum own property and there are only a few who are actually "priced out" (see how much you earn threads), the people priced out thoughts are particularly interesting. So it is not for selfish reasons people post (unlike yourself) but because the recognise a moral, social and political injustice effecting a large proportion of the population. I can tell you there will be a correction but only a incumbant government could set policies to prevent periods eras of "pricing out" This government is promoting policies to do exactly the opposite
  7. Expect no change But the MPC know of the international pressure and it is not inconcievable they raise .25 the excuse: pre-emptive action
  8. Yes I agree, but maybe we can all get on the bandwagon I think high fuel prices are a good thing and they are going up again (think everyone will agree) and price of healthcare (but standards have gone down) and lawyers fees have just skyrocketed and taxes must go up considerably..........not sure if all things going up is a good idea? maybe everything except for essentials like housing, food, and clothing Nope they cant Go out and buy somewhere, but, my advice for what its worth, dont take on too much debt (no more wingeing from you please)
  9. I think everyone one is aware there will be a "leap frog" effect? Differentials will matter
  10. well he could say that his properties had not fallen at all as the guy he pays a lot of money to tells him his properties only go up in value and until he sells them at lower prices why should he believe this forum...or the Halifax (that bearish organisation)
  11. Its a sad state of affairs when people start to brag about their debts What a mixed up world we now live in
  12. I havnt got any of those mortgages, havnt even got any debts ( makes me feel like a loser! why?) got a house a reasonable share portfolio and a fairly profitable business and a reasonable pile of free cash but why do I need debt? It would be more tax efficient to have loans on investment properties as they could be "set off" against profits than on your main domicile where you could achieve non. nah I dont need debt House prices being high does not effect me directly but it does effect a large proportion of the population with many younger adults being in effect disinfrancised from society, this, i believe, is morally wrong and a political disaster
  13. Found them, the "guys" (and gals) who will be the sad victims of this coming depression. We should feel sad for them. We should call them silly-g people (i take it the g stands for gullible?) Bet they will wish they could turn the clock back
  14. Interest rates around the world are being "forced" up, this rise was the first of many, it is too small to pre-emt anything. UK interest rates may stay the same for the next 6 months due to domestic political pressure, but over the next 4 years may reach 7% or 8% note my us of the word may 2nd may more probable than 1st
  15. QUOTE(Badger @ May 3 2006, 01:01 PM) Landlords leaving the property market will have much the same effect when they realise they are losing shedloads of cash. Sentiment is king.. ? So you are in total agreement, once the speculators "feel the pain"= "realise they are losing shedloads of cash" they will sell up.
  16. 7% hey Gordon will need that and a bit more to keep things going so up with the taxes but dont tell anyone. Wonder if you could tax people using computers on the lunch break? ...............nah
  17. House prices may fall by a futher 20% by 2007 and interest rates may go down please note my use of the word may oh and pigs might fly
  18. Or all of these factors plus cost of money, wage inflation, demographics, speculation, taxation, unemployment etc etc
  19. So what he really meant was may go up, down, or stay the same. In other words hes admitting he hadnt got a clue.
  20. 'course they will and everything is really good so they can put up the rates 'cause everyone can afford them easy, isnt it great to be in such a wonderful boom era, or is it all in our silly minds?
  21. Bull in Bears clothing eh! Why cant you lower price now and get it sold before it starts to take a dive and interest rates really start going up. People are doing the same over here and as prices go down get even more stubborn trying to get the price they could 6 months previous (chasing the market down) But its only an investment for you so doesnt matter (ive lost a lot on certain shares last couple of years on same reasoning, human nature)
  22. Very interesting analysis. I agree with much of what you say I will need to buy USD within next few months last large purchase was at $1.91 think it may get around this figure. It is possible $2+ but I agree there will be a rebalance when it is seen UK outlook is not as rosey as US
  23. House prices in SE 2bedroom terrace have gone up over 300% between 1996 and 2004. Houses just doubling doesnt sound too bad at all. 109% over 10years = less than 8% p.a. just above trend. Are you saying that prices are that low? Why do I see such expensive housing?
  24. Did they mention that 10 of the 14 economists had VI in the property market?
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