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  1. Really have you spoken to all and got their opinions to confirm the opposite side was completely wrong and that they could all see it ?
  2. They are not meant to get it right or wrong ( Which would depend on the viewers )they are meant to get it impartial.
  3. You must watch a different BBC to the rest of us. Question Time 4 Remoners 1 Brexiterter oh tell a lie sometimes 2 Brexit and only 3 Remoners. Been like that since 2015 up till I stopped watching in 2018 as I was so sick of the Bias Towards Remain. I don't watch BBC news or any other BBC current affairs programmes now as they are all bias. Would you now like to give us some examples where they failed to argue the case of Remoan ?
  4. Never say Never they said they would never crash in 1988. When they were at the bottom in 94/95 they said they would never rise again after trying to talk up the market for years. Just after they admitted defeat in 1994/95 saying they would never rise ....... look where we are now.
  5. I did shift work very well paid between 22 and 43 when I took VR. Many of us took VR as we had had enough of the Shift work. Where I worked there were a high number of people who retired (some quite young) who then soon after died shift work takes years of your life.
  6. One place I worked at they shut half of it down those that did not get made redundant had to stay. There was a guy there who won £1.3 million on the lottery , that was in 2000 so you could double it now , he would not agree to stay letting someone else go and then leave once the redundancies had happened , he wanted his redundancy and got it . A few years later the rest of the place closed so everyone got it whether they wanted it or not. Between the first half and the second half closing another guy there won £2.8 Million on the lottery. He spoke to HR saying he was not leaving but could he come off Shift work they said no to coming off shift work and then explained to him the following. Interest rates were still above 5% then , if he bought a house for £800,000 and banked the rest he would get about £100,000 a year interest therefore everything he earned would be taxed at 40%. HR talked him into leavening a few years prior to the whole place closing down.
  7. Regardless of what these people have I can understand them not wanting to leave and missing a big pay out it is human nature. I have worked for two companies that gave big pay outs and collected twice, one of them even enhanced the pension. When I worked at the first one a Brewery back in the late 80's people had been waiting for years two gave up and gave in their weeks notice the day they were leaving the announcement was made that the whole place was shutting down they missed a huge amount of money.
  8. So how do we stop them and change the situation of them pulling the strings in the Background ?
  9. I don't disagree I look at the state of Politics and think what the f--k is going on , I have often heard that parliament has very little power it is the people in the back ground we don't see and hear who call the shots. I don't know how true that is , what I do know is that we are in a mess , Politically it has never been worse. But what is the answer ? How do we change things ? I don't know but when I place my Vote I believe it would be far worse under Labour , especially for people like me being White , Middle Aged and Working Class. Did you hear the Racism and Sexism ( towards men) at the conference this week ? I did why would I vote for it ?
  10. Pray tell me the last time Labour Lost they said we did not hear their message correctly , what message of encouragement to vote for them next time did I miss last week ? As I cannot work it out. Maybe they should replace Katherine Tats Lauren as Anglea Rayners speech writer, it might help.
  11. I worked for a major Drugs company many years ago thousands and thousands of well paid jobs went when it was taken over in a hostile bid. Labour were in power at the time , nothing changes.
  12. British halfwits Choice ! A great Choice of words there , similar language to that used at the Labour Party Shin dig this week , yet you wonder why millions have turned their backs on them.
  13. The reason we have the worst government we've ever had is because the opposition is worse did you see the Labour Party conference this week ? How could anyone vote for that ?
  14. I stand corrected. That does not mean everything is going to go up at the same rate does it. Just taking a quick glance at the first link you posted they expect costs to return to normal in the middle of next year. The more you read the article the more it becomes clear how much of a short term situation this is the French and Germans are already taking steps to stop increases. The sky is not falling in.
  15. Five Petrol stations visited last night none had Petrol , today all five have Petrol no queues as everyone topped up in the made up panic.
  16. My observations are that there was no shortage of Petrol here but the Petrol Stations ran out due to panic buying. Last night 5 Petrol Stations I visited had no fuel today they all have plenty and there are no queues as everyone topped up which created the panic today no one needs to buy Petrol. PANIC NOW OVER. Do you think our Anti - Brexit Media is going to tell us if the EU were having problems , give you a tip take what the news and media say with a pinch of salt. One or two items have been missing in the shops recently , a few supply chains have broken due to Covid, creating havoc , overall the UK has handled the situation well but some people do like to make a crisis out of a first world problem and scream the Sky is Falling in I would put you in that category.
  17. Have you been across all the EU nations and checked in every shop to make sure there are no shortages ? NO. There are no shortages in the UK the Petrol Problem is a made up Panic see the post from Lenelby above. You say " industry has been warning in recent weeks that the situation will deteriorate if there is no plan to action to mitigate loss of workers in all sorts of occupations " You mean Industry wants Cheap Labour to flood back into the UK. Yes we need to do something about the shortage of workers , let me give you an idea Maybe we should stop people with children working part time and making their wages up with over generous tax credits , at present in so many cases two people fill one job. We could fill two jobs with those two people. I don't think you would go for that though would you as your quite happy to let single Mums kick out six kids live on Benefits and then complain that we have not got enough workers. As you asked the situation in the EU does not make me fell better , but I will ask you are you feeling better that we have a few problems right now and Industry is calling for imported Cheap Labour.
  18. Well you have swallowed the made up crisis , then again go on to tell others not to do the same.
  19. The EU has a shortage as well So are you saying the EU is crumbling.
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