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  1. No you made a statement based on it Now your telling me it is a lie , why did you make the above statement then.
  2. No you didn't You stated the above.
  3. More a case of Northerners rejecting a party who make speeches about it at Conference.
  4. Flip it around The people of Bolsover feel a Political Party who hold conferences making speeches around a fictional characters gender , are not going to fix their issues if ever in Government.
  5. Yet Labour cannot see it and will complain again at their next election defeat that we did not listen to their message.
  6. Your now becoming a keyboard stalker.
  7. Varied , issues that they have not had sorted while they had Labour representing them for decades if not decades since the beginning of the Labour Movement. During and after the 2019 election I saw quite a few people interviewed and their biggest gripe was Labour took us for granted thinking we would always vote for them because our Dads and Grandads did. What ever the issues they were enough for the wall to fall as we all saw. Have you any ideas on what the issues were ?
  8. Nope Unbelievable The more I read your posts the more I see you have an issue. Not sure what it is , don't really care what it is. But don't ever tell people not to use a certain word be it race, car , dog , house ect , who do you think you are ? While we are on the subject of RACE when are you going to answer my question which I have posed to you on numerous occasions now . Let me put the question to you again Why do Labour , the Labour Movement and you have a double standard when it comes to Racism ? Why can you not answer ? See above Now answer the Question and there is defiantly a double standard.
  9. " They have no choice " I think is a figure of speech. Yes of course they have a choice there are a whole host of people standing in a General Election but they know like anyone else we get either a Labour or Tory Government and they don't want Labour. Many older x Labour Voters did not see Labour looking after the common working man during their last 13 years in power in fact the saw the exact opposite. They don't see anything different happening if the current people representing Labour were to form the next Government. Some of the Red Wall Seats in the north have quite low house prices , so I don't think housing was that big of an issue at the last election. Although this web site is house price crash not everyone puts their x next to the box with only house prices in mind. Housing and its cost is not the only issue.
  10. Exactly If you went and stayed in a Hotel booking a standard room you would pay less than the top Suite with a butler on hand , but you would not expect the butler service.
  11. Agreed Sadly this is why as I have said a number of times if there was an election tomorrow Boris would win again hands down even though he is a Clown. It is a very sad state of affairs when people constantly quote how disappointed they are with the Torys , how angered they are with the state of the country , how let down they feel , that they think Boris is a Chancer a fool and all manner of other statements , yet they would have no choice but to vote for him. As they are scared shi-less of a Labour Government in Labours present form , this comes from Ex Labour working class voters. I am one and know many others, our feelings must be duplicated across the country and was proved when the red wall fell. Labour are unelectable they do not appeal to the average Jo Public Man and Woman in the street no mater how dire that Man and Woman's finances might be under the Torys. Very Sad State Of Affairs.
  12. The Labour Left and the Labour Right. I have mentioned it a few times on this forum and I will do so again, did you ever see the debate on GMB the morning after Labour Lost the last election ? There were six Labour people around the table, 3 from the left , 3 from the right they literally screamed at each other across the table ( well in my opinion the left did most of the screaming the right could not get a word in) so much so that the presenter chipped in and said I cannot believe that you are all meant to be on the same side. Yet Labour wonder why they lost ? !!!
  13. No you were not you were trying to label someone who did not agree with you to fit your wanted description of them. I believe just from the documentaries I have seen on the subject that it is a very involved difficult situation that very few can agree on , even the experts are baffled with the rise in young people wanting to alter their sex , I heard the Portman clinic in London a clinic that specialises in this said the referrals had risen 10 fold. What I have seen is anyone not singing from the Labour Left hymen sheet on this and giving their own opinions are being shut down quite aggressively something that should not be tolerated in a society that is meant to believe in free speech. No not weird and not childish , I asked you a simple question , but like others I have asked you on these posts you have not answered. I am not ranting and raving just putting my points across. If anyone has gone up a notch from stating their opinions and is heading towards ranting and raving it is you, when you stated to make personnel assumptions of me when I was declining your points. You are the one who is more worked up and have concentrated on that rather than answer my questions. Well maybe answer the question which was why is there such a double standard when it comes to race in the Labour Party the Labour Movement and Yourself ? Intellectually fascinating LOL maybe answer the simple question above , I would not call it Intellectually fascinating just a straight forward question and answer situation.
  14. There have been more than one account of the situation with Rosie Duffield , it boils down to he said/she said , what we do know is that at first she would not attend but after much to and throwing she did. When it should have been the case that all Labour MP's attend without question, after the rumpus that surrounded the situation do you really think the people out to get Rosie would have done anything at the conference ?
  15. Agree So Labour need to stop their Race Baiting MP's telling White people about their supposed privilege until they do they will not get my Vote. Labour are not just dividing people on Race they are dividing them on all manner of issues. Did you hear about the female Labour Party Member who did not attend last week ? She had received death threats from other party members as her opinions on Transgender issues do not fit with party policy on this issue right now. I would think her opinions would fit more with millions of Ex Labour Voters who Labour have alienated. See my answer above.
  16. Like what pointing out Racism to my Race ? How would anyone get like that , you seem to be the Authority on this issue so you tell me how people get to pointing out Race against their Race. OMG now trying to deflect , making a very poor job of it. Now tell me how you got to defending the Double Standard in the Labour Party , the Labour Movement and Yourself ? I'm all ears.
  17. Really you have not noticed let me help you out. Google Diana Abbott, Naz Shah, Dawn Butler , David Lammy that will keep you going for a bit.
  18. You have done it again. You keep confirming the Double Standard in the Labour Party and Labour movement , also within yourself. How are you not able to see this costs Labour Elections ?
  19. Lol Thank you Thank you Thank you for that statement as it just totally underlines and confirms what I have stated. If you want to see bitter and twisted over race look in the Labour Party. Yet If I bring up my not liking the race baiting towards whites from the Labour Party you try and turn the problem around to me. This is the Whole Issue that Labour cannot see. They look for Racism at every turn but if the racism is towards whites it gets ignored and if anyone brings it up who is white then they are the Racist ! CHOCICE. Until Labour can see that they have not got a chance.
  20. Did I say your were ? I said your attitude towards people is the same attitude found in the Labour Party that alienates their core vote. Very simple if you can read what is put in front of you. Really 81 , tells us he had an expensive education and gets muddled up reading a few short sentences. To be Honest I think you are just like the majority of Jo Average ( the people you refer to as Proles) I wont use that word I will say Jo Average . Your upper class, rich background is mostly in your head isn't it ? I didn't I said your attitude towards average people was the same attitude found in the Labour Party that keeps them out of Government. Quite simple if you read what is put in front of you.
  21. Where did I say " poor people were a minority " ? Regardless of the amount of stupid Black , White or Asian people when 85% of the country is white Race Baiting MP's against whites is not going to win votes.
  22. You don't have to be a Flag Shagger to be insulted by the Race Baiting MP's in Labour. Your statement is a perfect example of the attitude prevailing in the Labour Party and Movement that alienates Labours core vote, the problem for Labour is like you they are totally ignorant of the damage they do to their party.
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